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FRIDAY, JUNE 14, 2024

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Happy FriYAY Readers,

Happy CNA Week to all of our amazing CNAs out there! As a nurse, I don't know what I would have done without you. You guys are the real MVPs. Interested in learning about the history of CNA Week? Check it out here.

Today's Top Beats

🌈 Pride Month Win
👨‍🏫 Today’s Trivia Topics

🥗 Kardashian Salad

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Congress Attacks Safe Staffing Rule

We recently shared how nursing home groups are suing to block the Biden administration’s plan to mandate minimum staffing levels in nursing homes. Now, bipartisan efforts in Congress, led by Senators Jon Tester, James Lankford, and Joe Manchin, also seek to overturn the rule, arguing it is unrealistic and could close rural facilities. But critics, including health policy expert David Grabowski, argue the rule is essential for improving care quality, despite political and industry pushback. The mandate includes protections for rural homes and aims to address long-standing staffing issues.

AI’s Near-Perfect Accuracy

Researchers at NYU Langone Health and the University of Glasgow developed an AI program that accurately diagnoses lung adenocarcinoma and predicts its recurrence. The program, analyzing tumor features from 452 patients, achieved 99% accuracy in distinguishing adenocarcinoma from other lung cancers and 72% accuracy in predicting recurrence. The self-taught program, called histomorphological phenotype learning, outperformed traditional pathologist assessments and will likely get even better when developers integrate more patient data and other researchers test the programming code, now available online.

Pride Month Win

Just in time for Pride Month: a federal judge ruled that parts of Florida's ban on puberty blockers and hormone therapy for transgender minors, along with restrictions on gender-affirming care for adults, are unconstitutional. The law, signed by Governor Ron DeSantis in 2023, prohibited these treatments for minors but allowed ongoing care with restrictions for those already receiving it. Judge Robert Hinkle found the law violated equal protection rights and was motivated by discriminatory intent, emphasizing that gender identity is real and recognizing these treatments as medically accepted.



The number of avoidable deaths among Medicare patients that could occur annually if every US hospital reduced RN staff by 10%, a new study found. Click here to learn how much this reduction in RN staff increases the risk of patient deaths, why replacing RNs with lower-wage staff won’t save hospitals money, and more.



Today’s Trivia Topics

Surprise! I’m back with the inaugural round of Today’s Trivia Topics! To find the answers to the questions, click on the emojis at the start of each question. Let’s jump right in!

⬇️ At what age do humans start to lose their height? (Because we all know that shrinking as we age is a real thing!)

😝 True or False: The average lifespan of a single taste bud is thirty days.

😬 Which part of the body cannot heal or repair damage to itself without outside intervention?

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Kelly McClure, MLS, BSN, RN, is a nursing school instructor for LPNs and RNs at Ehove Career Center in northeast Ohio. She is also TNB’s resident trivia guru.

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