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FRIDAY, MAY 31, 2024


Happy FriYAY, Readers!Β 

We have been welcoming a lot of new faces lately, so I thought it would be useful to reintroduce ourselves with a few of our resources available to you:Β 

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Today's Top Beats

❌ NJ Nurses on Strike 
🥲 Virtual Reality for Real Empathy
🧁 Healthy Sweet Treats

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Stay safe. Stay healthy. Be kind.
Tamara AL-Yassin

Chief Executive Officer

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Nursing Home Staffing Lawsuits

The American Health Care Association and other nursing home groups have sued HHS and CMS to block a new Biden administration mandate requiring 3.48 hours of daily care per resident and a registered nurse on duty at all times. They argue the rule will worsen staffing shortages, impose high costs, and could force many homes to close, displacing residents. HHS and CMS plan to defend the rule, stating the current situation endangers residents and drives workers away.

NJ Nurses to Strike

With contracts set to expire today, around 3,000 nurses at three New Jersey hospitalsβ€”Englewood Health, Hackensack Meridian's Palisades Medical Center, and Cooper University Health Careβ€”have voted to strike for mandatory staffing ratios. Hackensack Meridian plans to hire temporary nurses if needed, while Cooper University claims to offer strong staffing proposals. A bill for nurse-to-patient ratios has stalled in the Legislature, opposed by the New Jersey Hospital Association.

Virtual Reality for Real Empathy

An Israeli startup called OtheReality is using virtual reality to increase empathy among healthcare providers by simulating the patient experience, such as when a pregnant woman learns she has a miscarriage. Empathy is vital in healthcare to improve patient satisfaction and reduce nurse burnout. The VR scenes, based on real experiences, help doctors better understand patient perspectives, with additional workshops and reflection questions reinforcing empathy. The startup aims to expand its empathy training to the US and other sectors.


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Add The Squeeze to your Podcast Queue

Get ready to let out a sigh of relief because in a recent episode of The Squeeze podcast, "Your Nursing Questions Answered," you'll realize you're never alone in your nursing journey.Β 

Sponsored by CeraVe, #1 dermatologist recommended skincare brand, hosts Tay and Taylor Lautner dive deep into the trenches of nursing school, navigating the COVID times, andΒ Β battling burnout.

The real gem of wisdom in this episode? It's all about the power of recognition, gratitude, and appreciation in the fight against burnout. CeraVe, recognizing the vital role nurses play, has partnered with The DAISY Foundation to ensure nurses receive the acknowledgment they rightfully deserve. Because let's face it, a little appreciation goes a long way in keeping nurses feeling empowered and motivated.

So, what's your prescription for today?Β 

  1. Tune into this episode of The Squeeze, sponsored by CeraVe.

  2. Do something even more impactfulβ€”nominate a fellow nurse for a DAISY award.



The number of cancer patients who carry $5,000 or more in medical debtβ€”largely thanks to rising drug prices and inflation, according to an American Cancer Society survey. Out of various healthcare-related expenses, radiation treatment creates the least amount of debtβ€”click here to learn what expense causes the most.



Nurses Financial Hierarchy of Needs

Remember Maslow? He’s back. And his framework may be the tool you need for financial success.Β Β 

As I’m sure you recall from nursing school, Maslow’s hierarchy made it possible to conceptualize the intricate interplay of an individual’s psychological requirements. It allowed you to see how each of those needs shapes an individual's behaviors, motivations, and quality of life. A detailed explanation of the hierarchy of financial needs can be found here!

The same is true for your financial obligations. Budgeting for expenses like food, water, and shelter ensures your basic needs are met - similar to satisfying the physiological needs at the bottom of Maslow’s pyramid. As you ascend each level, you form a foundation, with each level building upon the previous.Β 

As a member of TNB, you have access to a personalized assessment of your financial standing. Sign up for an account and start your climb to the top!

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Savannah Arroyo, MSN, RN is the founder of Networth Nurse and InvestHealth. Connect with her here.

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