Got migraines? We have the answer.
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Good Morning, Readers!

As an avid yogi, I love the sense of peace and calm it instills after a hectic day. There are many proven benefits to yoga, but did you know it specifically helps migraines? In a recent study of 114 people, there was a significant difference between the medication-prescribed group and the yoga-prescribed group. Read the results here.

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❌ Nurse Poser
🩸 Tissue Donation Rules Updated
🧘 Yoga for Migraines

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Nurse Poser Charged

Cassandra Alvera Gilleylen of Flint, Michigan, has been charged for working as an unlicensed RN under a false name at three nursing homes between Sept. 2023 and March 2024 (Flint, you may recall, is the site of a 2014 contaminated water crisis, which is still affecting residents today). Gilleylen faces 30 counts of Unauthorized Practice of a Health Profession and three counts of Identity Theft for posing as a nurse at Mission Point and Wellbridge in Clarkston and Mission Point in Holly and has court dates in June.Β 

Tissue Donation Rules Under Fire

The federal government eased restrictions on organ and blood donations from men who have sex with men in 2020 and 2023, but the FDA still enforces strict guidelines on tissue donations, including corneas. Advocates like the Legalize Gay Eyes campaign and lawmakers are frustrated by this inconsistency and push for aligning tissue donation rules with those for organs and blood. Despite the low risk of HIV transmission through tissue donation, the FDA has not updated its guidelines, and its policies still follow outdated biases.

Food (Not) for Thought

We recently told you about research linking ultra-processed foods to many adverse health conditions. A new study now shows a diet high in ultra-processed foods also damages your brain, increasing the risk of cognitive impairment and stroke, especially for Black adults, due to poor nutrient composition and additives. A 10% increase in ultra-processed food intake raised cognitive impairment risk by 16% and stroke risk by 8%, while a 10% increase in unprocessed or minimally processed foods reduced these risks by 12% and 9%.Β 


Be Part of the 97%Β (Last Day to Save!)

Ready to pass your NCLEX on your first try? 💪 Gift yourself ultimate peace of mind with Kaplan Nursing - the go-to choice for NCLEX prep trusted by nurses everywhere.

There is no β€œselecting the answer that is most correct” when it comes to choosing which test prep program you should use. Kaplan is the ONLY right answer.Β 

With over 40 years of pioneering excellence, Kaplan has revolutionized nursing education with cutting-edge technology and unwavering passion. There’s no shortage of confidence in Kaplan’s NCLEX Test Prep - their success promise ensures you'll soar on test day.Β 

Still hesitating? No sweat! Kaplan will guarantee you pass on your first time, or will give you your money back! As if the taste of success wasn’t sweet enough, Kaplan is sweetening the deal by offering TNB readers 25% with code TNB25. Register here. Time is running out - tomorrow is the last day for the sale! Don’t overthink it….this one is truly a no brainer.


6.5 Million

The number of US children who currently have ADHD, the majority of which are considered moderate or severe cases. Click here to learn more, including the shockingly high percentage of diagnosed children who have not received ADHD-specific treatment.



Self-Care Roadmap

Our jobs are a whirlwind. Our schedules (and our overwhelm) make it super easy to overlook our own well-being. But it is critical to take time for yourself even in little snippets throughout your day.Β 

Consider implementing these strategies as you navigate the chaos to ensure you get care, too: Β 

  • Schedule Self-Care Time: Block off dedicated time for self-care activities, just as you would for any other commitment.

  • Set Boundaries: Learn to say no to extra shifts or responsibilities when you're feeling overwhelmed.

  • Practice Mindfulness: Incorporate short mindfulness exercises into your day to center yourself and alleviate stress.

  • Connect with Peers: Know who your allies are and connect with your friends who get it when you need support.Β 

  • Engage in Activities You Enjoy: Whether it's reading, exercising, or spending time with loved ones, make time for activities that make you happy.

Prioritizing self-care isn't selfishβ€”it's essential for sustaining your well-being and providing the best care to others.

selfcare catalyst headshot

Self-Care Catalyst helps healthcare professionals optimize their wellbeing and eliminate burnout through mentorship, education, and community. Connect here!

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Yoga for Migraines

Adding yoga to your migraine meds may work better than medication alone.


Golden Stethoscope

This unique stethoscope pendant necklace can be personalized with an initial.


RN at 81

This 81-year-old nurse describes her love for nursing and why she has not quit yet. Check out what attributes Lok Lye Chan thinks are essential to nursing in her 60 years of experience!


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