Nurses in Spokane are raking in the dough.
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Hey-O Nursing Beat Friends!

It’s time for Mystery Diagnosis Monday again. I thought I might go a bit easier on you today with a diagnosis that you may already know.Β 

🤔 This is the most common blood vessel disorder in patients over 50 that causes vasculitis in the medium and large arteries.Β 

🤔 The arteries most commonly affected are the temporal artery and other cranial arteries.Β 

🤔 Common symptoms include headaches, visual problems like blindness, and possible bulging or twisted arteries beneath the scalp.

I’ll give you three hints in the Discharge Instructions below on what this disease could possibly be.Β 

Today's Top Beats

🟰 Donation Equity
🤑 Here Comes the Money
🫀 AI for the Heart

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Memento vivere,
Kelly McClure
Managing Editor


Donation Equity

The FDA is considering lifting its ban on anonymous sperm donations from gay and bisexual men, replacing it with screening questions to assess HIV and infection risk. With the rising demand for IVF, sperm banks are facing shortages exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. The FDA’s shift follows its recent decision to allow gay and bisexual men to donate blood. If approved, the new regulations could take effect by the end of the year.

Here Comes the Money

All 1,400+ healthcare workers represented by SEIU Healthcare 1199NW at MultiCare Deaconess Hospital and MultiCare Valley Hospital in Spokane, Washington, are getting significant wage increases. The new contract agreement affects all job classes, and it includes a 13% base wage increase on top of a previously negotiated 12% raise for nurses, base wage hikes ranging from 16% to 18.5% for tech workers, and base wage increases of 17% to 25.5% for service workers. They’re also receiving additional pay for market adjustments and on-call shifts.

AI for Your ❀️ 

The FDA has approved Eko Health’s Low Ejection Fraction AI to help providers more accurately detect possible heart failure in at-risk patients β€” affecting some 6.2 million U.S. adults β€” in just 15 seconds. Eko’s enhanced digital stethoscopes feature sound amplification, noise cancellation, and the ability to record a three-lead electrocardiogram simultaneously. The company is adding its Low EF AI program to its Sensora platform, which is already FDA-approved for detecting atrial fibrillation and structural heart murmurs.



Out of the 50 states and District of Columbia, California employs the most RNs in the country (332,560, as of May 2023). But with 32.85 RNs employed per 1,000 jobs, another state actually has the highest relative rate of RN employment. Can you guess which state this is?



β€œCan You Work Remotely if You Have Your BSN but Not Your RN?”

Yes, but you likely won’t be making RN-level pay. Most roles we share on the Nurse Fern job board require licensure. Some roles prefer medical knowledge or education without having licensure requirements. These roles are typically admin, coordinator, or non-clinical positions with health tech, managed care, or medical systems.

An example we’ve posted recently includes a Care Coordinator position with Transcarent.

Here is an excerpt of the requirements from the post:Β 

  • 2 to 4 years of customer relationship and phone center experience.Β 

  • Prior healthcare industry experience with a working knowledge of medical terminology and the health benefits claim process.Β 

  • Project management-type skills; prior experience managing a high-volume caseload.Β 

The pay for this position was advertised at $24.00-$25.00/hr. Click here to view a full copy of the job posting.

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Ready for remote nursing? Check our daily remote nurse job postings for nurses leaving the bedside on Nurse Fern.

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Documentation Legalities

Documentation for patient records is expected to be brief, clear, and accurate. So what needs to be there and what doesn't?


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One For the Cardiac Nurses

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That Didn’t Go As Expected

You may have watched unbelievable paramedic stories on social media, but have you seen a paramedic scene turn into a car commercial? If you need a laugh, check out this viral clip with an unprecedented twist.


Is today’s mystery diagnosis:

  1. Giant Cell Arteritis

  2. Arterial Tortuosity Syndrome

  3. Vascular Malformations in the Brain

Think you know the answer? Click here to see if you’re right!


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