The answer is astronomical!
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Hey-O Nursing Beat Friends!

It’s Trivia Tuesday and this is a β€œbloody” awesome question.

🩸How many red blood cells does an average human produce daily?

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🏆 Top Bosses
🌎 Ethical Recruitment

🙅🏻‍♀️ Rising Violence

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Top BossesΒ 

Eight healthcare organizations made Fortune magazine’s list of the β€œ100 Best Companies to Work For.” Though not a healthcare company, the third company on the list is, interestingly, Nvidia, the company behind the AI nurse β€œbots” we told you about two weeks ago. The highest-ranked healthcare company is Texas Health Resources in Arlington, Texas, at 29, followed by Aya Healthcare in San Diego, at 48. See if you work at one of the other six companies on the list.

Ethical Recruitment

As more nurses worldwide immigrate to other countries for work, the World Health Organization wants to be sure these migrations aren’t disproportionately benefiting wealthier countries at the expense of developing countries. The WHO, therefore, just published guidance on the ethical international recruitment of nurses. The guidelines received input from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and the International Labour Organization, and they aim to avoid a power imbalance that could harm some countries.Β Β 

Rising Violence

The National Institutes of Health recognizes April as Workplace Violence Prevention Awareness Month, but increasing violence against nurses is leading many to consider leaving the profession altogether. Two new reports document how much violence has risen: assaults against nurses were up 5% in 2023 compared to 2022, according to one report. Then, an Emergency Nurses Association survey revealed that 56% had been physically or verbally assaulted or threatened in the past month.



The number of purposeful interactions per nurse per month from nursing managers that leads to a significant reduction in the average nurse turnover rate of 20%. Can you guess how many points that single interaction lowers turnover?


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A Fresh Start for You (and Your Nursing License)

"I just felt like I was called to do something more, and I knew I wanted to help people start over," explains Julie Zweifel of Laser Fresh Aesthetics.

Did you know you can transform your nursing career through laser tattoo removal? Embark on a professional journey of renewal with Astanza, just like Julie Zweifel did.Β 

Astanza believes in empowering nurses to revolutionize their careers. With comprehensive training through New Look Laser College, nurses like Julie (and yourself!) can gain the expertise and confidence to thrive in entrepreneurship. Astanza’s program gives nurses ongoing support and access to cutting-edge technology, clinical consultations, in-person training for all staff, marketing support, and technical assistance. So, you’re never alone.

Julie's story is a testament to the possibilities Astanza offers. She's not only building a successful business but also making a difference. Julie is currently working to secure government funding to provide free tattoo removal for incarcerated individuals. Join Julie and countless others in making meaningful change with Astanza. It's time for your fresh start.



Little Cells, Big Organ

Pivoting away from AI this week and writing about an advancement in biotech with the β€œmini liver,” a marvel by LyGenesis. This innovation involves transplanting donor liver cells into a patient’s lymph node, potentially revitalizing liver functions. This technique not only utilizes the body’s natural sites for growth but also bypasses the limitations of traditional organ transplantation, including donor shortages and rejection risks. As this method progresses through clinical trials, its potential to redefine liver disease treatment highlights the convergence of biotechnology and healthcare, marking a significant milestone in medical science.

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Nurse Manny is passionate about leveraging health tech for better patient care. Want him to review your tech? Email him!



Happy Financial Literacy Month

Nurse Kimmy is using this month to turn over a new leaf by deepening her financial knowledge and confidence with these strategies.

Understanding the Soil: Embracing the Basics of Financial Literacy

  • Kimmy's journey begins with a refresh on the basics of financial literacy. She's revisiting the essentialsβ€”budgeting, saving, and understanding credit.Β 

Weeding Out Bad Habits: Cultivating Mindful Spending

  • Mindful of the weeds that can overrun any garden, Kimmy is preparing to eliminate habits that strangle her financial growth. She's tracking her spending, identifying areas where impulsive decisions take root.

Financial Fertilization: Investing in KnowledgeΒ 

  • To enrich her financial garden, Kimmy is investing in resources that will help her knowledge and money grow. She's exploring books on personal finance, soaking up wisdom like water.Β 

As Kimmy nurtures her financial garden this April, let her steps inspire you. May we all bloom with financial confidence and growth this Financial Literacy Month.

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April Waddell, founder of NurseMoneyDateβ„’, specializes in financial coaching for nurses. Elevate your earnings and savings, and assess your financial pulse with her free net worth quiz.


Erasing the Ink

Astanza's sole purpose is to change lives β€” from employees to providers to patients β€”Read one nurses' story of how Astanza changed her career.


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