Especially to those military nurses who have served our country!
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Good Morning, Readers! 

Today, we honor veterans, especially military nurses who have served our country. Are there any military nurses out there? Email us here. We would love to feature your story!

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Medical Medals

The Military Health System has honored three military medical professionals with the Medal of Honor, the highest military award for valor. Awardees include Clarence Eugene Sasser, an Army combat medic in the Vietnam War; William Hart Pitsenbarger, an Air Force pararescue specialist who was fatally wounded in the Vietnam War; and Fred Faulkner Lester, a Navy medic who gave his life to protect a wounded marine in World War II. Nurse Regina Benson, who “ultimately paved the way for women to join the military,” was also honored with the Joint Service Achievement Medal

Impossible Decisions 

In Gaza, doctors and nurses are being forced to make the impossible choice of who gets life-saving treatment and who doesn’t. The combination of medical supply shortages, lack of power, and overcrowding means patients, including small children, undergo amputations and surgeries without anesthesia. Wounds fester because providers are unable to provide sanitation, and medical workers have to choose to help only those with the greatest chance of survival (while nearly dying of starvation and thirst due to food and water shortages).

The Girl is Guilty 

Leticia Gallarzo has pleaded guilty to stealing a person’s identity to gain employment as a nurse in Michigan. She reportedly used the licensing number and name of a licensed nurse and claimed she earned a master’s degree in nursing to work at a hospice facility in the state. Thankfully, the facility discovered her deception when her fingerprints matched records showing she had previous convictions for practicing as a nurse without a license in Texas in 2015 and 2016. She faces up to seven years in prison


79 years

The number of years past the establishment of the Army Nurse Corps when US women were finally recognized as veterans for their military service in 1980. 


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Spinal Tap Failures No More

With approximately 350,000 infant spinal taps are needed annually, and a 38% unsuccessful tap rate, SMöLTAP is a game-changer in infant healthcare. 

SMöLTAP, created by doctors at Brown University & Hasbro Children's, is a device designed to revolutionize infant lumbar punctures that positions febrile infants in an upright and stable position, while simultaneously negating the need for an experienced "holder" (or two).  

SMöLTAP reduces costs, enhances patient care, boosts tap success rates, while minimizes unnecessary hospital admissions. The current lumbar puncture procedure which involves awkward positioning, causes distress to babies and high failure rates.  SMöLTAP aims to reduce these failures to zero percent, ultimately preventing deaths from Meningitis. Its benefits include reduced variability, increased consistency, and repeatability, while aligning the spine with shoulders and hips. 

Are you ready to join them on their mission to zero deaths from Meningitis, globally? Contact them today.



Nurse Leaders + Financial Literacy

Much of the frustration we see from bedside nurses and nurse leaders is they don’t understand why executives make certain decisions. We know it boils down to money, but we sometimes feel powerless about how we can help make changes.

In an article by Health Leaders Media, Kathy Douglas states: 

“If you’re not financially savvy, it’s really hard to create the business case for attaining what you need, whether it’s the resources for staffing or whether it’s the resources for equipment to be more efficient.”

Key Points:

  • Financial literacy for nurse leaders is no longer a compliment but a necessity in today’s dynamic healthcare environment.

  • Understanding finances empowers nurse leaders to advocate for resources and funding to improve the quality of patient care.

  • Financial literacy for nurse leaders fosters transparency and accountability in enhancing trust among stakeholders, including staff, patients, and donors.

Start educating yourself and your team today!

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Savannah Arroyo, MSN, RN is the founder of Networth Nurse and InvestHealth. Connect with her here.


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