Do you enjoy watching reality TV after a long shift?
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If you enjoy trash TV like Love Island as much as we do, read the Break Room today for some deets about our favorite reality trauma ICU nurse, Jasmine Sklavanitis. Looking for connection? ForeverX is the first dating and social platform for healthcare workers. Good luck on your prescription to forever 💓.

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🦻 Hearing Denied
💓 Love Island Nurse

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Nurse’s Hearing Denied

The US Supreme Court turned down hearing a case in which four New Jersey nurses challenged the state’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate for healthcare workers. The original executive order requiring healthcare employees to be updated on Covid-19 vaccination was rescinded in June. The nurses from Hunterdon Medical Center filed in June 2022 to block the hospital from enforcing the requirement. A district judge denied their request for failing β€œto demonstrate the policy violated their constitutional rights.”

Igniting Innovation

What happens when you bring together nurses and engineers? You get a problem-solving powerhouse like the University of Connecticut’s Nursing and Engineering Innovation Center. The first of its kind in the country, the new center combines nurses’ problem-solving expertise and innovative ideas with engineers’ technological expertise to make those ideas a reality. An example of one of their projects is redesigning a more efficient wheelchair that uses pulling instead of pushing to move it.

Striking in RI

The nurses at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett have had enough. After seven months of attempting to bargain with management, the union announced a strike due to unfair labor practices. More than 1,300 nurses from the medical facility are participating in the strike from November 14-19, the first one at the hospital since 1999. The nurses’ most significant concern is staff shortages, and the union is hosting a candlelight vigil for patient safety tonight in the park across from the hospital.



The number of Americans whoΒ reported having any mental illness in the past year.



Finding a Virtual Nurse Job

Searching for a virtual nurse job can be challenging. There are so many places to look! It helps to use the right keywords:Β 

  • Keywords vary, so use a variety of terms, including virtual nurse, virtual nursing, virtual RN, remote nurse, remote nursing, remote RN, telenursing, telenursing, telenurse, telenurse, hybrid, work-from-home, WFH, and remote.Β 

Job positions can be posted on:Β 

  • Hospital websites: Look for jobs with the keywords above, especially roles tagged as remote, work-from-home, or hybrid (partially remote).

  • Websites like Traditional job websites are still worth the look. Many positions are often cross-posted on other platforms.Β 

Job matching companies like Incredible Health: Create a profile with Incredible Health and see if any virtual nurse positions match.

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New Thing Nurse helps the nursing and NP community land dream jobs! Join us on IG or Facebook @newthingnurse.


National Nurse Practitioner Week: Empowering Nurse Practitioners for Health Equity

As we honor National Nurse Practitioner Week, policymakers and stakeholders must acknowledge the urgency of granting full practice authority to nurse practitioners nationwide.


Listen Up!

The new Core 500 digital stethoscope from Eko has high fidelity audio, a colored display with disease indication, and 3-lead ECG. It’s also HSA/FSA eligible and comes with free engraving and a free case!


A Nurse’s Pursuit for Love

Do you enjoy watching reality TV after a long shift? Watch the nursing world and reality TV worlds collide on Love Island USA Season 5, as we follow Jasmine Sklavanitis, a trauma ICU stepdown nurse, and her pursuit for love.


Unwound Retreats

Seattle, WA

Founded by Nicole Johnson, BSN, RN, CCRN, Unwound Retreats Β offers community events, resources and retreats that offer a time and space for nurses to come together, have fun, feel rejuvenated, and unwind!Β  Now offering Nurse Retreats in Morocco and Mexico!


How do you Slumber?

TNB has teamed up with Thorne to improve your sleep health. Answer our survey for a chance to win a Sleep Bundle ($103 value!). Survey closes 11/13.Β 


Are you a minimalist? If not (or if so), Savannah from Networth Nurse has great insight on minimalism and the effect on your money tomorrow!

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