after two local hospitals shut down in Wisconsin
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FRIDAY, MAY 24, 2024

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Happy FriYAY Readers,

Whether you are working this weekend or enjoying time with family and friends, we hope you have a safe Memorial Day weekend. For those who are traveling, it looks like it’s going to be packed. And for those working, I’m curious: does your facility pay you time and a half or double time on Monday? Respond with a yes or no here.

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💻 Virtual nurse, tangible careΒ 
🍄 Emerging fungal threat
📈 Diagnosing nurses' lifestyle inflation

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Stay safe. Stay healthy. Be kind.
Tamara AL-Yassin

Chief Executive Officer


Virtual Nurse, Tangible Care

In six months, Lawrence + Memorial Hospital, with its two-person team of virtual nurses, has managed 898 discharges, 466 admissions, and reduced patient stays in the medical/surgical unit by nearly half a day. The program, launched in December, involves virtual nurses working a hybrid schedule to build relationships with on-site staff. It has successfully reduced the median length of stay and increased timely discharges while also improving nurse retention. The hospital plans to add up to four more virtual nurses to further enhance nursing and patient satisfaction.

Not a Place for Mom

A Place for Mom claims to help 700,000 people annually, but the popular senior-care referral service is paid by the facilities it recommends without independent assessments. Many top-rated facilities have serious neglect and care issues, yet A Place for Mom awards these facilities based on potentially manipulated user reviews and does not include state inspection reports, raising concerns about transparency and reliability. More than a third of the site’s most highly recommended facilities in some states have been cited for substandard care in the last two years.Β 

Emerging Fungal Threat

Researchers in New York have discovered a drug-resistant strain of ringworm fungus called Trichophyton indotineae. Officials confirmed the first two US cases in May 2023 but antifungal susceptibility testing data uncovered additional infections going back several years. Treatment options are limited, with some patients responding to alternative antifungal drugs. The genetic variations detected suggest the potential for widespread transmission and an emerging public health concern.



The increase in emergency department patients that Marshfield Medical Center in Wisconsin saw in the last month after two local hospitals shut down. Click here to learn about the dramatic spike in births and deliveries Marshfield also experienced and what’s ahead.



Diagnosing Nurses' Lifestyle Inflation

Lifestyle creep - the gradual upgrade in expenses as income rises - can happen subconsciously. Whether you got a promotion to leadership, took a travel contract, or your side hustle is starting to make money, the temptation to spend more will be real!Β 

However, this phenomenon can be identified and avoided. Identifying lifestyle inflation through self-reflection and honest evaluation will help you avoid unnecessary expenditures.Β 

  1. Download and print your goals, outline your money mindset, and most importantly - fill out your WHY contract so you maintain focus on what is truly important to you

  2. Identify the difference between a want and a need. Paired with the download above, you’ll be able to budget more efficiency with your wants and needs outlined

  3. Consider the emotional toll of purchasing each item. Assess whether the spending serves as a coping mechanism for stress, boredom, or some other underlying cause.

Economic inflation is bad enough, don’t add to it with lifestyle inflation!

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Savannah Arroyo, MSN, RN is the founder of Networth Nurse and InvestHealth. Connect with her here.

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Nurse Survival Guide: Verbal Attacks

Do you deal with difficult patients? Learn how to de-escalate the nastiest of interactions, keep your sanity, and avoid burnout.


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