There are lots of decisions to make when switching to a non-bedside nursing job.
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MONDAY, JUNE 24, 2024

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Good Morning, Readers!

Today you’ll read about a tough decision: whether or not to keep your PRN job if you switch to a non-traditional role. When I started writing health content, imposter syndrome weighed me down like a wet blanket and I felt sure my non-bedside nursing role was too good to be true. Nursing has so much to offerβ€”including ultimate flexibility in schedules and an unbelievable array of career paths. Do you work a PRN job alongside a non-traditional nursing role? Tell me here.

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🤖 Ascension Update

🎮 ADHD Video Game

😕 Loneliness Rates

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Ascension Ransomware

EHR access has been restored across Ascension’s β€œministries” and clinical workflow is back to normal. The May 8 ransomware attack on Ascension's health system disrupted care by locking staff out of essential electronic systems, leading to medication errors, delayed lab results, and safety issues. Nurses and doctors had to improvise, increasing the risk of mistakes and reportedly felt unprepared for the attack. They’ve called for more support and reduced patient intake to manage the crisis better.

Heat and Smoke Petition

A coalition of environmental, labor, and healthcare groups petitioned FEMA to classify extreme heat and wildfire smoke as "major disasters," enabling FEMA to fund cooling centers, air filtration systems, and other emergency measures. Conventionally, FEMA only responds to natural disasters like hurricanes that cause major and obvious damage to infrastructure. Despite past denials, petitioners argue that the COVID-19 disaster declaration sets a precedent. If accepted, FEMA would amend its rules and seek public input.

ADHD Video Game

Akili, Inc. has received FDA clearance for EndeavorOTC, a subscription-based, therapeutic mobile video game for the over-the-counter treatment of adult ADHD. In a clinical study of 221 adults, 83% reported improvement in focus, and 73% experienced improvement in their quality of life after six weeks of treatment. Now available on iOS and Android, the game works by having patients simultaneously complete navigation and targeting tasks, adjusting to players’ performance as they go along while tracking their focusΒ over time. The treatment provides immediate feedback on attention slips, forcing users to redouble their focus to complete the round.



According to a CDC report, the number of transgender American adults reported feeling lonely β€”Β nearly double the rates reported by straight (30.3%) and cisgender (32.1%) participants. Other findings related to stress, mental distress, and depression in bisexual and transgender adults can be found here.



Should you Keep your PRN Clinical Role When Switching to a Non-Bedside Role?

Starting a remote nursing job is like taking a cold plunge. It's normal to have lots of questions, thoughts, and hesitations. If you’re asking yourself: β€œShould I keep a PRN role with my remote nursing job?” Ultimately, the question boils down to: β€œAm I ready to let go?”

Let that question sink in. Which emotions come up for you? Explore the following ideas when determining if keeping a PRN role is right for you:

  • Financial situation

  • Home responsibilitiesΒ 

  • Weekends and holidays

  • Social life

  • Nursing skills

  • Burnout level

  • Ability to try it out

  • Opinions of those closest to you

To learn which nine questions you should ask yourself when considering keeping a PRN job alongside your remote nursing job, check out the full article here!

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