Social media influencers may be scaring off our new nurses.
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MONDAY, JUNE 10, 2024


Good Morning, Nurses!

Did anyone ever warn you away from becoming a nurse? Two of my aunts (both nurses) campaigned against my nursing school application with plenty of knowing looks at one another, heavy sighs, and head shakes. I went anyway, and now I’m happy I did.Β 

But over the years, I wondered plenty of times if they were right. Today, one of our stories says negative nurses on social media may scare off our potential new nurses. Are you happy you chose nursing? Tell me about your naysayers and how you feel now!

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Social Media vs. Nursing

Negative social media content about nursing is deterring Gen Zers from pursuing nursing careers, according to a survey from nursing marketing platform ShiftKey. About half of respondents who decided against nursing reported seeing posts about patient-related issues, and 45% saw content about nursing-related mental health struggles, versus 44% and 39%, respectively, of those who pursued nursing. What’s more, 64% of the 749,000 nursing-related posts on TikTok analyzed were negative, and 78% of respondents who were deterred from nursing say more positive content could have impacted their decision.

NNU to VA: Melt the Hiring Freeze

The National Nurses Organizing Committee/National Nurses United is urging the Department of Veterans Affairs to end a supposed hiring freeze, citing 13,000 vacant nursing positions since mid-March that they say threaten patient safety. The union organized a protest at the VA headquarters in Washington D.C. last week, noting severe staffing shortages in intensive care units. The VA denies the hiring freeze, claiming significant recent increases in its nursing workforce and low turnover rates. They also express a commitment to addressing the union's concerns. You can find available VA positions here.

Depoliticizing Gun Violence

The White House is urging healthcare leaders to collect more data on gunshot injuries and counsel patients on firearm safety, calling gun violence a public health crisis. With Congress deadlocked on gun legislation, the Biden administration is leaning on the healthcare sector to address the issue, having already enlisted educators to talk to parents about proper gun storage. The administration seeks to depoliticize gun violence and implement prevention strategies through healthcare engagement and federal grants while advocating for increased CDC research funding.


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The number of physician messages that 75 nurses at UW Health have created using generative AI since April 2023. Learn more about how AI is being used in the pilot program here.



Nurse to Freelance Nurse Writer: One Nurse’s Journey

Despite a rewarding 15-year career in various nursing roles, Angela McPhillips, DNP, RN, struggled to find a position that met her professional goals and personal needs after an extended maternity leave. She even considered leaving the nursing profession altogether–a shocking thought for this dedicated and passionate nurse.Β 

Financial pressures and a desire for flexibility pushed her to explore non-bedside nursing opportunities. Discovering Nurse Fern’s blog ignited her passion for freelance nurse writing, a role that perfectly blended her clinical expertise and love for writing.Β 

Angela's journey highlights the potential for nurses to reinvent their careers in non-traditional ways, offering hope and practical advice for those considering a similar path. Her story underscores the value of perseverance, adaptability, and the endless possibilities within the nursing profession. Read Angela’s inspiring transition from a traditional nursing career to a fulfilling role as a freelance nurse writer here.Β 

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RN Specialty Headbands

This twist headband comes in 12 cute patterns for lots of medical specialities!


Zoo Doctors

We always appreciate physicians who partner with us to provide the best patient care in the clinical setting. However, have you heard of physicians giving quality patient care at the zoo? Watch how this doctor saved this unique patient’s life!



Created and founded by Manju Dawkins, MD, Thimble, is setting the new standard of care for needle procedures. Their compassionate solutions take the pain and fear out of shots and blood drawsβ€”empowering patients and their care teams, dramatically improving public health, and paving the way for greater empathy across the entire healthcare experience.


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