The industry has allied with marginalized community activists to defend its products, influence policy debates, and mask the health harms of their products.
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FRIDAY, JUNE 28, 2024


Happy FriYAY Readers!

This week, I came across some interesting articles worth sharing:Β 

1️⃣ 4-day workweek for nurse managers

2️⃣ Nurse drowning at Glacier National ParkΒ 

3️⃣ Nurse donates organs to help children in need

4️⃣ CNN interviews trauma nurse on training kids for mass shootings

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🚬 How Big Tobacco Gained Minority Support
📚 New Nursing School in PA

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Care for Your Microbiome

An off-kilter microbiome may contribute to a wide range of serious conditions, from cancer to cardiovascular disease to inflammatory bowel disease. Keep your gut microbes happy with a high-fiber diet, fermented foods, regular exercise, and good sleep. Treat your skin microbiota with moisturizers and mild cleansers, avoiding harsh soaps and exfoliants. Your oral and nasal microbes benefit from regular hygiene, but don’t overuse mouthwash. For genital and urinary health, choose non-toxic menstrual products and avoid douching. Check here for more tips!

How Big Tobacco Gained Minority Support

In 2023, Black gay activist Earl Fowlkes claimed vaping saves Black and LGBTQ+ livesβ€”a year after he criticized tobacco companies for targeting his community with e-cigarettes. According to the Washington Post, the shift came as Fowlkes developed ties with a tobacco industry trade group, highlighting how the industry has allied with marginalized community activists to defend its products, influence policy debates, and mask the health harms of their products. While Fowlkes denied direct financial support from the industry, an undisclosed donor funded a vaping-supportive report released by his organization.

New Nursing School in PA

WellSpan Health and Jersey College are establishing a new school of nursing in York County, PA, offering an associate’s degree in nursing program. Starting August 26, the program will feature classroom and clinical training at WellSpan facilities. It aims to support both new and transitioning professionals, providing a pathway to a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Apply for the program hereβ€”tuition assistance is available for those who qualify.


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Build a Schedule that Fits Your Life

connectRN has created the only app that offers nursing shifts in hospital, home health, and senior living. With more than one million shifts to choose from in almost 400 hospitals nationwide - with premium pay and no minimum commitment - joining connectRN is the easiest path to the flexible work life that you need.

Sign up today and get started on your path to flexible earnings. All connectRN nurses benefit from same-day pay, W2 employee protection, and the choice of when and where they work with no minimum or weekend commitment required.

Ready to take control of your schedule and prioritize your family ahead of your job? connectRN empowers you to have the flexible life that you deserve.

Have a friend who this sounds perfect for? Submit a referral here and we’ll send you a $100 gift card after she works her first shift!



The percentage of Americans who report being diagnosed with chronic insomnia in a new survey by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Click here to learn which sex, age group, and generation are most likely to be diagnosed with chronic insomnia and how rates differ by geographical region.



Human Body Trivia

Hey everyone! It’s time for another round of Today’s Trivia Topics! To find the answers to the questions, click on the emojis at the start of each question.Β 

🦠 On average, how many new cells are produced in the human body every minute?

🌊 About what percentage of the human body is just water?

🧠 The human brain’s weight is what percentage of a person's total body weight?

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Kelly McClure, MLS, BSN, RN, is a nursing school instructor for LPNs and RNs at Ehove Career Center in northeast Ohio. She is also TNB’s resident trivia guru.

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