And a heartfelt thank you to all who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our safety.
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MONDAY, MAY 27, 2024

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Good Morning, Nurses!

Did you know 653 military nurses were laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia? Often called the β€œNurses Section,” a marble statue (the Nurses Memorial) graces this resting place of fallen heroes. Today, we express sincere gratitude to all members of our armed forces who paid the highest price for us. Happy Memorial Day from TNB.

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🇺🇲 Happy Memorial Day

👂 Save Your Hearing

🖥️ Cyberattack Aftershocks

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Stay Spectacular!

Abby McCoy

Interim Managing Editor


Save Your Hearing

The WHO warns that over 1 billion young adults risk permanent hearing loss and predicts 1 in 10 people will have disabling hearing loss by 2050 due to unsafe listening practices with earbuds. Exposure scientist Rick Neitzel's 2019 Apple Hearing Study found that one-third of participants are exposed to excessive noise. To protect hearing, he recommends setting volume limits on devices, taking breaks from prolonged listening, using noise-canceling features, and being mindful of the physical and mental effects of noise exposure.

Cyberattack Aftershocks

A cyberattack on Ascension has forced medical staff in over a dozen states to use manual record-keeping, causing significant delays and increased workloads that still linger two weeks later. The threats to patient care are very real and numerous, from providers being unable to review the outcome of earlier procedures and tests to nurses being unable to scan medicines and patients’ wristbands. The attack, similar to a previous hack on Change Healthcare, highlights the vulnerability of consolidated health systems.

Nurse Leaders Join CDC Committee

Jane Thomason and Lisa Baum, nurse leaders from National Nurses United and its affiliate New York State Nurses Association, will join the CDC's Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee. The committee is revising the agency’s Isolation Precautions Guidelines, which impact infection control in various healthcare settings. Traditionally staffed by infection control personnel from major hospitals, the committee is growing to include more diverse experts, such as frontline workers and aerosol transmission scientists, due to NNU's advocacy.



The percent of physician associates who expressed dissatisfaction with their work-life balance in a Medscape survey. Click here to learn the major contributors to physician associate burnout and how work-life balance dissatisfaction varies with age, education, sex, debt, and more.



Career Gap Solutions

β€œHow do I address a career gap on my resume when I stayed home with my kids, and I’m just now reentering the workforce?”

Resume Tip - How to address a career gap while you were a stay-at-home parent.

Pick your approach

Option 1 - Ignore it

Option 2 - Address it

Option 1 - Ignore it - Accept that career gaps are normal and trust the right employer won’t judge your gap. This also works well if you have a past gap but are currently employed.Β 

Option 2 - Include a brief yet vague explanation. Example - β€œCareer Sabbatical XXXX-XXXX. Took time away from professional career to raise children into self-sufficient adults.”

No matter what approach you take, know that career gaps are normal, and if a company doesn’t want to hire you because you took a few years off to care for your family, you probably don’t want to work for them anyway.Β 

Need a resume that helps you stand out in this competitive job market? Check out the Nurse Fern Resume Template.

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Ready for remote nursing? Check our daily remote nurse job postings for nurses leaving the bedside on Nurse Fern.

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Never-Ending Heat

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Studies show walking promotes both physical and mental health. Check out the science behind how walking can improve your mental health, and try it out for yourself!


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