Depressive symptoms among teens have fallen some since the pandemic, but 28% still report moderate to severe symptoms.
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THURSDAY, MAY 23, 2024


Good Morning, Readers

I went to dinner the other night and couldn’t help but notice the amount of people who were glued to their phones. The restaurant looked like it had a bunch of zombies as patrons. While I certainly love social media and think there are benefits to this digital era, like anything in life, without boundaries, there will undoubtedly be negative effects on future generations.Β 

There is an interesting article below on teen reporting of mental health and social media. Nurses do play a role in this debate, especially those in specialties that witness these effects on patients. Are there any psych NPs out there that have thoughts on this? We would love to hear your perspective. Email me here.Β 

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Super-Swimming Nurse

You would think Amy Appelhans Gubser would get enough intensity at work as a fetal cardiology nurse at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals in San Francisco. But the 55-year-old grandmother spent five years planning for one of the most intense tests of physical endurance anyone can achieve: a nearly 30-mile swim from the San Francisco mainland to the famously treacherous Farallon Islands. She left at dawn and finished 17 hours later, becoming the sixth person ever to complete the swim.

Not Seeing Eye to Eye

Despite the growing problem of burnout among healthcare workers, most employees are happy with their career choice. But they are job-hopping in hopes of finding employers who understand their priorities. That’s one of several big-picture findings from a new The Pulse of Healthcare Workers 2024 report, which reveals a significant gap between employers' perceptions and healthcare workers’ real sentiments. For example, more employees value appropriate workplace staffing (50%) and work-life balance (78%) than employers (20% and 48%). Do you relate? Let us know here.

Helping or Hurting?

So what’s the verdict: is social media harmful to teens’ health, or can it offer a sense of community and a source of support? According to a new report from Common Sense Media and the social innovation lab and investor Hopelab, the answer is…both. Depressive symptoms among teens have fallen some since the pandemic, but 28% still report moderate to severe symptoms. Check out these tips for helping teens get the positives from social media without the negatives.Β 


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Nomination Nation Start With You!

As nurses, we witness the power of kindness, intentionality, and going the extra mile every day. Whether it is your coworker who never lets you do a turn alone, or your nursing bestie who sings and dances to make their patients laugh, every impactful action deserves a nomination.Β  Β 

In a profession where giving is second nature, CeraVe, the #1 dermatologist recommended skincare brand, gets it. They're all about giving back to the nursing community because they know those small acts of kindness shouldn't go unnoticed. That's why they've teamed up with The DAISY Foundationβ€”to amplify your incredible impact! This partnership is just a small piece of their ongoing commitment to the nursing community.

Together, let's fill The DAISY Foundation box with nominations for your colleagues who go above & beyond. CeraVe is ready to turn the spotlight on your amazing work and shower you with appreciation. Let's spread the love and celebrate those who light up our days. Encourage patients, families, or other staff to take just a few moments to express their gratitude to nurses and nominate those who inspire you because nomination nation begins with you!



The proportion of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions that are produced from the global healthcare industry β€” but check out how much of that comes specifically from the US healthcare system.Β 



Mental Health & the Workplace

My name is Sarah, and I am a nurse with mental illness. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and to celebrate, I am sharing resources to help you manage your nursing career and your mental health:

No matter where you are in your nursing or mental health journey, know you are not alone. There are many amazing nurses out there working with mental illness. You’re in good company.Β 

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