A surprising success with animal to human transplantation.
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MONDAY, MARCH 25, 2024


Hey-O Nursing Beat Friends!

It’s Mystery Diagnosis Monday once again so get your thinking caps ready.Β 

🧠 This rare neurological disorder begins to manifest in patients during adolescence, more specifically when they are between eight and 19 years old.

🧠 The origin of this disease is secondary to the body’s inability to properly process glycogen which leads to β€œclumping” of glycogen stores that interferes with brain and nervous system processing.Β 

🧠 Symptoms include headaches, learning difficulties, and myoclonic seizures.Β 

Scroll down to the Discharge Instructions to get three possible diagnoses of what today’s Mystery Diagnosis is.Β 

Today's Top Beats

🫘 A Successful Transplant
🏥 Creative Scheduling
😷 Questionable Surgical PracticesΒ 

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A Successful Transplant

After a failed human kidney transplant, 62-year-old Richard Slayman of Weymouth, Massachusetts, underwent the world’s first successful transplant of a genetically edited pig kidney. Led by experts at Mass General, this groundbreaking surgery holds promise for addressing the critical shortage of human organs. While long-term outcomes are pending, the procedure offers hope for improving the lives of patients with end-stage kidney failure (about 800,000 people in the US) and advancing xenotransplantation as a viable solution.

Wrongfully Terminated

In the latest development in an ongoing battle between St. Vincent Hospital and its nurses, eight nurses have filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the hospital and its owner, Tenet Healthcare. They claim they were fired for reporting unsafe and illegal conditions jeopardizing patient health and dignity. The suit, under Massachusetts' whistleblower statute, argues that the nurses fulfilled their professional duty. At the same time, hospital management failed to address staffing shortages and unsafe practices and allegedly retaliated by firing them. The lawsuit demands reinstatement, back pay, legal fees coverage, and other appropriate relief.Β 

Creative Scheduling

Mercy Health-St. Rita's Medical Center in Lima, Ohio, has implemented innovative scheduling practices for nurses, offering "creative shifts" tailored to individual needs. Nurses can choose from unconventional shifts, such as flexible start times for 12-hour shifts, fixed schedules for new mothers, and weekend shifts, better supporting work-life balance and helping retain experienced nurses. This has helped the hospital cut turnover rates in half and facilitate knowledge transfer between generations of nurses.



The number of Starbucks mugs that NestlΓ© is recalling after at least a dozen customers have suffered severe burns or cuts on their hands or fingers from using the mugs, which overheated or broke. NestlΓ© is offering refunds on the dangerous products.


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Dive into the AI Conversation: What's Your Take?

As healthcare evolves, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is sparking some real buzz in nursing. Got any experience with AI, or maybe you're just starting to hear whispers of it at your workplace? The American Nurses Foundation is curious to hear what you think about AI's role in nursing. Is it a game-changer for the better, or does it feel like uncharted territory?

Even if you haven’t used AI at work yet, your perspective is super important. Your feedback will play a crucial role in shaping the future of nursing.

Ready to weigh in? Let's get to it! Take the survey here.



Pop Quiz!Β 

What non-bedside nursing role am I?

  • I typically require 3 to 5 years of acute care nursing experience, and I’m a huge fan of ER and ICU backgrounds.

  • I have a keen eye for detail and love diving deep into chart reviews!

  • I work closely with coders and providers.

  • If something doesn’t look right in a chart, I send a query to the provider to get clarification.

  • Our unofficial catchphrase starts with β€œNo one dies in….”

Am I- Denials and Appeals, Utilization Management, Clinical Documentation Integrity, or Data Abstraction? Think you know the answer? Click here to find out if you’re correct!

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Ready for remote nursing? Check our daily remote nurse job postings for nurses leaving the bedside on Nurse Fern.

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Get the Steppin’

Keep your work shoes looking clean and professional with these SneakEraser shoe cleaners.


Questionable Surgical Practices

Emma Stone recently won a Best Actress Oscar for her role in Poor Things, which features many unconventional surgeries performed by an unorthodox doctor. Watch a surgeon react to medical scenes from movies like this and break down medical myths!


Is today’s Mystery Diagnosis:Β 

  1. Lafora Disease

  2. Eisenmenger Syndrome

  3. Tatton Brown Rahman Syndrome

Click here to see if you’re right!


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