In today’s edition we highlight nurse and artist Nicole Cromwell!
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Hello Readers!

Today, in our newly launched Nursing Business Spotlight column, we feature nurse and artist Nicole Cromwell, founder of Nicole Cromwell Art. Read below for opportunities to get CE’s from her Brave Beginner Art Course for healthcare professionals. 

Are you a nurse or healthcare professional who owns a business and wants a feature? Email us at for more information!

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Stay safe. Stay healthy. Be kind.
Tamara AL-Yassin

Chief Executive Officer

Photo by Nicole Cromwell

Reflective Rodents

It turns out humans aren’t the only animals that have an imagination. Scientists have discovered that rats can think of objects and places not directly in front of them, a cognitive ability with real-world applications, including research in developing prosthetic devices to help paralyzed patients move. Scientists used virtual reality and implanted devices in each rat’s hippocampus that can “eavesdrop” on its brain’s electrical signals. The application possibilities are endless if the market keeps up with the science.

Not a Halloween Treat

This Halloween could have ended in tragedy for a woman flying into Southwest Florida International Airport, but two nurse practitioners on the plane intervened to help. Dr. Kelly Goebel, the BSN program director at Florida Gulf Coast University, and Dr. Brenda Hage, director of FGCU’s School of Nursing, were traveling home from a conference when they overheard a passenger describing another’s symptoms that sounded like a stroke. The women stabilized the patient and handed off the patient’s care to paramedics at the gate.

Pay Attention Guys!

If you’re a male nurse, three of the best places you can work are UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and Vanderbilt University Medical Center, according to the American Association for Men in Nursing. At its recent annual conference, the organization honored those three institutions with its Best Workplaces for Men in Nursing Award. Duke University School of Nursing was honored for its dedication to diversity and inclusion.



The percentage of nurses who report sleeping less than seven hours each night. This is 21% higher than the national average (28%) for adults.



What Do Virtual RNs Do?

Virtual nurses are being integrated into all aspects of healthcare. But what exactly do virtual RNs do? Virtual RNs are being used in a wide variety of roles, including: 

  • Admission and discharge nurses

  • Mentors for early career or new to a specialty nurses

  • Patient monitoring in the acute and critical care settings

  • Medication reconciliation nurses

  • Triage nurses

  • Patient education nurses 

There is established guidance on many of these roles and how they should optimally be implemented. However, the world of virtual nursing is rapidly evolving, so it is essential to stay current on opportunities out there to find out what might be the best fit for you. 

Want to learn more about virtual nursing? Let’s chat!

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New Thing Nurse helps the nursing and NP community land dream jobs! Join us on IG or Facebook @newthingnurse.



Nurses Are the Luckiest Entrepreneurs!

I’ve talked to many nurses who want to leave the bedside and transition into entrepreneurship. With this, the number one question I get asked is when is the right time to make this transition.

My answer is that it will be different for everyone. I believe nurses are the luckiest entrepreneurs because we can make nursing work for us. We can change our schedule, change where we work, or even go to PRN. 

When Nurses Inspire Nurses started, I transitioned from neuro-surgery to an observation unit for less stress. A year later, I left the bedside to take a PRN job. I stayed working PRN while hiring my first three employees because I didn’t want to sacrifice my lifestyle. Do what’s best for you in your transition. Nursing gives us the flexibility to do just that!

nurse fern headshot

Cat Golden is the Owner and Founder of Nurses Inspire Nurses, a vibrant community cultivating a sense of belonging and empowerment within the nursing community.


Do You Believe?

Hey Ted Lasso fans, this one's for you! Commemorate the end of a brilliant show with this “Believe” sticker from The Humerus Med.


10 Minute Dinner

Need an easy, healthy dinner that can be made on a time crunch between long shifts? Check out this 10-minute mushroom pasta recipe that is guaranteed to make your taste buds happy! 


Brave Beginner Art Course

Carmel by the Sea, CA

Nurse and artist Nicole Cromwell created the "Brave Beginner Art Course." It's perfect for nurses who need a fun, creative break from stress. Not only can you enjoy the healing power of art, but you also get CE credits. Give it a try and find your creative side!


How do you Slumber?

TNB has teamed up with Thorne to improve your sleep health. Answer our survey for a chance to win a Sleep Bundle ($103 value!). Survey closes 11/13. 


We’ve got more financial content for you from Savannah at Networth Nurse in tomorrow’s edition! 

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