The amount that US Health and Human Services has announced it will invest in rural maternal health.
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Good Morning, Readers

At SXSW this year, I met folks from Real Chemistry, a health innovation company using AI for healthcare. I came across their report on social media's impact on early cancer screening discussions. Historically, healthcare institutions have shied away social media, however this report shows its positive impact on sharing insights and improving patient outcomes. With cancer rates rising 1-2% annually among those under 50, it's crucial for healthcare communities to use social media to quickly disseminate valuable information and reach a broad audience effectively.

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New Dance with Mary Jane

The Drug Enforcement Administration under Biden signaled in late April that it intends to reclassify marijuana from a Schedule I drug β€” one with β€œno currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse”— to a Schedule III drug, like ketamine and testosterone. The plan moved forward in mid-May when sent to the federal register, but the shift doesn’t mean marijuana would become legalized for recreational use. STAT explains what the change might mean for cannabis research.

Leaving Primary Care Behind?

NPs have historically spent the most time in primary care, where they help cover the care gap left by the shortage of primary care physicians. But more NPs and PAs are entering specialty care, from cardiology to dermatology, KFF Health News reports. Is that going to leave primary care in a lurch? That’s what some observers fear, given that less than a third of NPs now go into primary care. KFF Health News digs into the details.

Menarche Movement

Girls are starting their periods earlier than in the past, with the average age of menarche now under 12 years old, compared to the average 12.5 years old of last century, a new study has found. Researchers don’t know yet why average menstruation has begun shifting earlier, or what the effects will be, but the implications could include increased risk of certain diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and cancer.Β 


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Take Control of Your Schedule

We all know that there’s nothing worse than being scheduled on your requested day off. Say goodbye to scheduling mishaps with a set schedule, thanks to connectRN.

Who is connectRN?

connectRN is your one-stop shop for PRN shifts in your area. The best part? There are no monthly requirements. No weekends. No holidays….Just shifts waiting for you at the places you actually want to be, when you want to be there.

How does it work?

Sign up today and unlock millions of shifts ranging from ED, ICU, Med-Surg, and more. As a connectRN nurse, you are in control of your schedule. Sign up today and get ready to choose a shift that works for you. It’s that easy.Β 

But wait, there are more perks…

  • Same day pay

  • Incentive pay shifts available

  • W2 protection, 401K, & medical benefits

  • No more burnout

P.S. Do you know of someone who might be a good fit to work with connectRN? Refer them, and get a $100 gift card!


$15 million

The amount that US Health and Human Services has announced it will invest in rural maternal health over the next four years. Read more about exactly where that money will go.



Healthcare Cybersecurity 101 for Nurses

Ascension hospitals recently fell prey to a cyberattack, causing system-wide downtime and delays that are still being sorted out weeks after the incident. Cybercriminals increasingly choose healthcare organizations as targets, with ransomware a common form of cybercrime against hospitals.Β 

What nurses need to know about cyberattacks at work:Β 

Most healthcare systems now require an annual learning module on cybersecurity and cyber hygiene. You can list this training on your resume under the β€œLicensure, Certifications, & Training” section. Listing it can show reviewers that you are aware of healthcare cybersecurity and help you stand out from the other candidates. #techsavy

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Travel Vaccines 101

Do you have summer travel plans? Make sure you get the vaccines you need for your exotic destinations.


June 7 - 9, 2024 | Boston, MA

SONSIEL believes in doing things differently. From nursing students to healthcare executives, THInC unites and inspires nurses to tackle today's biggest challenges by thinking differently. Don't miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to be part of a movement revolutionizing healthcare from the frontline. Join at THInC and be inspired to unleash your inner innovator!Β 

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Badge Reel Laughs

Put your patients' fears at ease and let them know they're in good hands with this funny badge reel!


Celine Dion, the Fighter

In 2022, beloved singer Celine Dion opened up about being diagnosed with stiff person syndrome. Watch I AM: Celine Dion, a tear-jerking documentary detailing her brave battle with the life-changing disease, premiering on Amazon June 25th.


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