Learn the risks of raw milk and the latest microorganisms making their home there.
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THURSDAY, MAY 02, 2024

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Good Morning, Readers!

Nurses Week is around the corner, and boy, do we have some things in store for you. I can’t wait to share with you all next week! If you have a moment, email me here and let me know the best and worst gifts you have received for Nurses Week.

Today's Top Beats

🐄 Risky Raw Milk
🤑 Nurse Discounts
💪 Ohio RNs Fight Back

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Stay safe. Stay healthy. Be kind.
Tamara AL-Yassin

Chief Executive Officer


Bird Flu in Raw Milk

It’s always been risky to drink raw (unpasteurized) milk because of pathogens like E. coli and salmonella, but now the risk is especially high. The traces of H5N1 bird flu detected in the milk supply in recent weeks don’t threaten those buying milk at the store because pasteurization kills the virus. But, the threat of viral transmission may be real in unpasteurized milk. Officials are now testing the beef supply for the virus.

Nurse Discounts, Incoming!

National Nurses Week is around the corner, starting next Monday, May 6. The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses and have already begun preparing lists of the companies offering discounts, some available year-round and some only for this special week. Nurse Mates is offering 25% off full-price items, Under Armour gives first responders 20%, and Reebok offers a whopping 50% off. Check the links above for more offers

Staffing Bill Stalled

It’s been seven months since Ohio’s State House Bill 285 was filed to require hospitals to establish RN staffing plans. But progress has stalled, and Ohio nurses want to change that. The law was proposed in honor of Dayton-area nurse Kate Smith, who died by suicide after writing what the Dayton Daily News called a β€œscathing rebuke” of the nursing industry in August last year. Supporters gathered at the statehouse last week to advocate for the bill.



The proportion of nurses who are male, even though the gender pay gap exists in nursing as well. How much more do male nurses make than their female counterparts? Find out here.



Celebrating Your Team

As we approach National Nurses Week (May 6-12, 2024), it’s a perfect opportunity for us, as nurse managers, to highlight and celebrate the exceptional dedication of our teams. This week, I encourage you to organize events that not only honor our nurses' hard work but also foster their professional and personal growth. Let’s also take a moment to acknowledge our own contributions.Β 

As nurse managers, your leadership and dedication play a pivotal role in shaping our healthcare environment. Consider hosting workshops, wellness activities, and recognition ceremonies that reflect our appreciation for all staff, including ourselves. Let’s reinforce our commitment to nurturing a supportive and enriching environment for every member of our nursing community. Together, we can make this week a memorable celebration of our vital role in healthcare.

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Manager's Memo is written by a real-life nurse manager of a busy hospital department. Have questions for TNB'sΒ resident manager? Email TNB's resident managerΒ here.



New FTC Ban = Higher Nursing Pay?

Last month, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced a ban on noncompete clauses in the United States that will go into effect later this year.Β 

Historically, noncompete clauses have been used to limit worker mobility, prohibiting individuals from leaving one employer for another better-paying opportunity, and can also lead to lower wages.Β 

While the FTC ban creates opportunities like more wage growth for many in healthcare, it will not be a benefit to all. The ban will apply to for-profit companies, but the FTC does not have jurisdiction over nonprofit organizations UNLESS they direct profits to their members. #hospitalsΒ 

While the FTC ban is official, there is a high probability that it will be contested in court.Β 

What does the ban mean for you? Review your employee agreements and see if you have a noncompete clause. You can see what this clause looks like here. Follow updates on the ban, and see what happens!Β 

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In tomorrow’s Finance Friday, get the inside track on building wealth as a nurse!


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