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TUESDAY, MAY 21, 2024


Good Morning, Nurses!

Who here has ever had to use their nursing skills in an emergency away from work? Today’s newsletter tells just such a story… I’ve done CPR once in the community (and it wasn’t my favorite). I prefer to be surrounded by supplies and coworkers in cases like that. Tell us about your experiences here. And have a great Tuesday!

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💰 Cost of Kids

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How to Save a Sister

After 18-year-old Alexis Harrison-Ochs graduated from her health sciences program at Southeastern Career Center in Versailles, Indiana, her family celebrated with a special dinner in Greendale. It had only been a few hours since Harrison-Ochs had received her diploma before she found herself putting her skills to use β€” saving her sister’s life. Her sister began choking at the table, and Harrison-Ochs leaped into action, using the Heimlich maneuver she’d learned in class. Brush up on your choking first aid here.

Kidney Disease Gender Disparities

Rates of chronic kidney disease are increasing and affect more US women (15.4%) than men (12.6%), according to the National Institutes of Health. But it also turns out women get worse care than men, too. A recent study compared care among nearly 8,000 adults with chronic kidney disease and found women were less likely to get lab testing, have various clinical markers assessed, get a nephrology visit, and be prescribed appropriate medications.

Well Done, Please!Β 

While the risk of bird flu in raw milk remains very real, virus particles found in commercial milk don’t pose a threat since pasteurization destroys the virus. But what about the beef supply? Even though no H5N1 virus has been found in beef so far, would it be a health risk threat if it did show up in your burger? Not if the meat was cooked to medium or well done, the USDA found.



The cost of raising a child in one of the top five most expensive US cities for raising children (NOT counting California). Can you guess where it is?


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The Benefit of Human Nurses

As nurses step into the future, they must navigate a tech-infused landscape without losing the human touch. The recent NHS England review underscores a pressing need for digital fluency in healthcare education, revealing a patchwork of skill levels and engagement with technology. Yet, as we integrate AI and telemedicine into our practices, we must remember that technology is a tool to enhance, not replace, the irreplaceable human elements of nursing: compassion, empathy, and patient connection. In embracing digital advances, nurses must advocate for a balance that honors both tech efficiency and the sanctity of human interaction.

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Nurse Manny is passionate about leveraging health tech for better patient care. Want him to review your tech? Email him!

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Acupressure Socks

These acupressure recovery toe socks can help give sore, tired feet some much-needed TLC.


Don’t Go Breaking Their Heart!

If you are a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, you may remember the scene when Meredith Grey dropped a whole kidney! Watch this scenario come to life while a doctor handles a donor heart. Does the five-second rule apply here?


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