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It’s your last chance to vote for’s Best of Nursing Awards, which closes 11/19. Yours truly is nominated (still can’t get over seeing my face in the same photo as Nurse Blake 🤯) but what I really would like you all to do is go vote for people and orgs within our TNB family who are really positively changing the face of our profession!  

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❌ Removing Race 

🦃 Prepping Potlucks 

💲Nurse Minimalism  

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Stay safe. Stay healthy. Be kind.
Tamara AL-Yassin

Chief Executive Officer

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Double the Fun

If being born with two uteri and two cervixes wasn’t rare enough, a woman in Alabama named Kelsey Hatcher has defied the odds even more — by simultaneously becoming pregnant in both uteri. This reportedly 1 in 50 million chance occurrence last occurred in 2019 when a woman in Bangladesh gave birth to healthy “twins” 26 days apart. As with this last case, Hatcher’s uteri may begin contractions at different times, potentially leading to daughters who are born hours or even weeks apart.

100 Days and Counting 

Nurses at the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Jersey have been striking for more than 100 days after their contract expired in late July. The 1,700 nurses, represented by United Steelworkers Local 4-200, lost eligibility for health and wellness benefits on Sept 1, forcing them to transition to COBRA. The hospital hasreportedly spent more than $100 million on replacement nurses while negotiations continue to be moderated by a federal mediator. 

Removing Race in the Algorithm

The American Medical Association has updated its widely used cardiac risk algorithm, removing race from the equation. Though race can be a proxy for genetic predispositions and environmental exposures, it is not in and of itself a biological risk factor. The new yet-to-be-released calculator has also been redesigned to be used for people as young as 30, estimate heart failure risk (not just heart attack and stroke), and take kidney function into account.  


5.8 Years

In 2021, the life expectancy for US cis-gender women was nearly 6 years longer than cis-gender men (79.3 years vs. 73.5 years).


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Autonomy. The Future of Healthcare.

As nurses, we crave flexibility because it empowers us to be there for our families, pursue further education, or engage in personal pursuits, all while maintaining a fulfilling career.

But how do you gain maximum flexibility?

Take control of your life with connectRN, the thriving community of nurses just like you who want to access shifts to work, at competitive rates, at facilities in your backyard.

connectRN knows that your future is bright and their app is meticulously designed to assist you in your journey. Join their thriving community today.



Nurse Minimalism and Money

Where are my nurse minimalists? I know some of my travel friends are, but what about the rest of us? And how can adopting minimalist principles impact our financial health?

Yes, minimalism encourages you to live with less, which often translates to spending less. But it’s much more than that. A minimalist mindset allows you to assess and focus on what you truly value and what brings you joy. It also promotes investing in high-quality items that last longer rather than falling into the high consumption and consumerism trap.

Finance guru Ramit Sethi said it well - “Spend extravagantly on the things you love as long as you cut costs mercilessly on the things you don’t.”

By applying this mindset and minimalist principles, you put more money into your pocket to save and invest! 

Although not minimalism experts (yet), we’d love to help you identify your money values!

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Savannah Arroyo, MSN, RN is the founder of Networth Nurse and InvestHealth. Connect with her here.

How do you Slumber?

TNB has teamed up with Thorne to improve your sleep health. Answer our survey for a chance to win a Sleep Bundle ($103 value!). Survey closes 11/13. 


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