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Good Morning, Readers!

It’s referral relaunch week, and today, we are excited to share that a nurse-founded coffee company, NURSD, has made a special brew just for us!Β 

β˜•οΈ Meet the Breakroom Roast, the perfect companion for your next break. Starting tomorrow, use the unique referral code at the bottom of your newsletter and refer 1️⃣5️⃣ besties to grab a bag of your new Breakroom bestie.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s official referral relaunch with more swag that we have custom-curated for our fave nurses 💜.

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🤩 Welcome, Rhode Island
📚 Find An NP Preceptor

🔥 Burn Clinical Pearls

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Welcome, Rhode Island!

Nurses in Rhode Island can now officially practice in person or via telehealth in any state that is part of the multistate nurse licensure compact. Rhode Island became the 41st state to enter the agreement last June, but the change did not take effect until January 1. The state’s health department has posted guidelines on the change. States that have not joined the compact and have no legislative action suggesting it include California, Connecticut, Nevada, Michigan, and Oregon.

Not the Report We Want

The problem of violence against nurses only continues to grow worse. In the latest report from National Nurses United, published Feb. 5, a whopping 81.6% of nurses said they have experienced workplace violence. Further, about one in four nurses (26.3%) said violence has increased in the past year. The most common experiences reported by nurses included being threatened, having objects thrown at them, and being pinched, scratched, slapped, punched, or kicked.

Go North, Young Nurse

Are you wondering where the most job availability will be for nurses in 2030? A new analysis of US nursing workforce data by suggests Alaska will have the biggest nurse shortage β€” and therefore the biggest need β€” while Wyoming will have the biggest surplus of nurses in 2030. The overall need for nurses will increase by 28% by that year. The states with the most nurses will include New Mexico, Ohio, and Vermont. Check out the states needing nurses most here.



The effectiveness of the latest Covid vaccine in preventing infection with Covid.



How To Find a NP PreceptorΒ 

Many nurses are returning to school to become nurse practitioners. Their universities often do not provide preceptors for their clinical rotations, leaving NP students frantic and stressed. Private companies are filling the gap, acting as matchmaker services for NP students and preceptors. They charge a premium which is cost prohibitive for many.Β 

Try these tips to find an NP Preceptor:Β 

  • Reach out on social media: If you are on social media platforms, post about your needs. Be specific about the specialty, number of clinical hours, and the distance you can travel.Β 

  • Connect with NP professional organizations: Professional organizations may be able to put you in touch with NPs in your area willing to be your preceptor.

  • Use your connections: Know NPs? Time to chat them up! See who knows who and if there are potential preceptors in your social networks.

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Nurses @ ViVE

February 25 - 28, 2024 | Los Angeles

Don't miss the debut of Nurses @ ViVE, a groundbreaking event focusing on the crucial contributions of nurse leaders in driving healthcare innovation, challenging the status quo, and improving patient care through immersive discussions and firsthand insights. Register here using the discount code v24p_NB1500.


Five Clinical Pearls from a Burn Nurse

What to do, and not do, when treating a burn patient. Plus, professional development opportunities to build your burn care knowledge, including the upcoming burn nursing specialty certification


Keep It Hot

Don't want to wait in line to use the microwave? This insulated food jar will keep your food warm until your (definitely not imaginary) lunch break.


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