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Good Morning, Readers!

One of today’s top beats discusses the significant financial burden of patients using the Emergency Department for non-urgent matters. It’s definitely a complicated issue, but we want to hear from you! What do YOU feel is the best solution to address ED misuse? Let me know here.

Today's Top Beats

βš–οΈ Supreme Court Rulings
🩺 Nurses Cutting Costs

🍺 Alcohol Misuse Rising

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Top Court’s Health Rulings

A slew of recent Supreme Court decisions are health-related. In one, the court ruled Idaho cannot ban emergency abortions that stabilize a woman’s life. Another decision rejected a controversial bankruptcy deal that would have given the Sackler family, owners of the Oxycontin-producing Purdue Pharma, immunity from future lawsuits if they paid $6 billion. But possibly the most significant decision makes it much harder for federal agencies to regulate public health, the environment and workplace safety.

Nurses Cutting Costs

Among the biggest expenses in healthcareβ€”for patients and in tax dollarsβ€”is using the emergency department for health issues that primary care could address. But many people don’t have a PCP or know how else to seek care. But a New York housing assistance nonprofit found a way to bridge that gap: they hired on-site nurses. The result was slashing the number of ER visits in half and a 93% increase in primary care usage.

Alcohol Misuse Rising

Problem drinking in the U.S. has been getting steadily worse since the pandemic, starting with a 25% spike in alcohol-related deaths between 2019 and 2020. An in-depth feature at STAT digs into the details of the problem, one that’s growing across the globe, with the World Health Organization warning last week of the β€œunacceptably high” rate of alcohol-related health problems and deaths. Check out STAT’s map of states with the biggest drinking issues.


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Treat your Feet

Ready to ditch the post shift discomfort and step into pure bliss? Your new nursing obsession is here. Bombas are the perfect socks that you won’t ever want to live without. Bombas compression socks come packed with reasons you won't want to step into another shift without them:Β 

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Treat your feet with the comfort the deserve. Bombas has you covered.


170 billion

The mind-blowing number of cells in the human brain β€” which create a lot of waste during the brain’s day-to-day duties. Scientists now think they know how the brain deals with all that waste.



The Importance of Nurse Anatomy

With July 4th around the corner, freedom is on our minds. This Independence Day, let’s talk about a specific kind of freedom: nurse autonomy. While we are bound by organizational policies, fostering nurse autonomy is crucial.

Research indicates that greater nurse autonomy leads to happier nurses and improved patient care. Professional autonomy enhances decision-making and skill utilization, contributing to healthier work environments. In one study, nurses expressed that true autonomy requires a supportive environment and involvement in decision-making processes.

Promoting autonomy not only supports our professional growth but also directly benefits the quality of care we provide to our patients.

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Nurse Manny is passionate about leveraging health tech for better patient care. Want him to review your tech? Email him!

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