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Hey-O Nursing Beat Friends!

It’s Trivia Tuesday again, and I’ll be honest, I didn’t even have a guess on this question.Β 

🩸 Blood makes up what percentage of your total body mass?

Think you know the answer? Check to see if you’re right, here!

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🌟 Nurses β€œRN-credible”
🤦 What a Pain

☣️ Safer Sterilizing

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Nurses β€œRN-credible”!Β 

It’s Certified Nurses Day! Join us in celebrating all the nurses who hold more than 60,000 credentials from the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing. At the official website, you can get t-shirts and stickers and download β€œYou RN-credible” note cards and the Nurse Recognition Toolkit. Also, get a sneak peek of the highly interactive virtual CEN Review Course: Essentials of Emergency Nursing β€” 21 CEs for an introductory price today for nurses studying for the Certified Emergency Nurse credential.

What a Pain

Healthcare professionals are all too familiar with the prior authorizations (PA) that insurance companies require before agreeing to pay for various medications and medical care. The increase in PA use has led doctors to name it as one of the top 10 problems facing physicians. The Biden Administration has introduced a plan to limit PAs, but doctors say it’s not enough. Check out the New York TimesΒ Β video exploring this issue β€” a headache for some and a death sentence for others.

Safer Sterilizing

Sterilizing facilities use the chemical ethylene oxide to sterilize devices that can’t be exposed to steam, such as pacemakers, catheters, and ventilators. But ethylene oxide is carcinogenic, so the 20 billion devices sterilized with ethylene oxide each year also contribute to breast cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, lymphocytic leukemia, and myeloma in communities near the factories. New recommended limits from the Environmental Protection Agency should lead to a 90% reduction in emissions, but switching to the safer chemical hydrogen peroxide remains optional.


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Need 14 CEs?

BCEN Learn Live is the game-changing conference for emergency, transport, and trauma nurses! From May 5-7, 2024 in Chicago, you will experience all things critical care and leave inspired by the biggest influencers of healthcare today.Β 

What can I expect?

Who is speaking?

  • Alice Benjamin, MSN, ACNS-BC, FNP-C, CCRN, CEN, CV-BC - Empowering Emergency Nurses in Media

  • Scott DeBoer, MSN, RN, CPEN, CFRN (R), CEN (R), EMT-P - Surviving Neonatal Resuscitation, aka. NRP for EMS/ER

  • Sarah Wells, MSN, RN, CEN , CNL - The Internet Never Forgets! How to Use Social Media as a Nurse(TNB's own content contributor extraordinaire!)

  • Check out the rest of the speaker line up here.


Register here.



Let’s Hear it for Laudio

Nurse burnout is an emerging challenge in bedside clinical nursing, where taking care of patients is what matters most. Laudio is harnessing artificial intelligence to rekindle leadership within hospitals and invigorate bedside nurses. Tailored for nurse managers, it becomes a game-changer in mitigating burnout.

Laudio offers one integrated platform for nurse managers to observe their team’s well-being and workload, utilizing AI to recommend personalized interactions and workload adjustments. Utilizing Laudio, Nebraska Medicine achieved a 47% reduction in its first-year nurse turnover. It’s not merely about retaining talent; it’s about fostering an environment where nurses feel valued, supported, and motivated. Laudio utilizes tech in a manner where every bedside nurse thrives, ensuring the highest standard of patient care.

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Nurse Manny is passionate about leveraging health tech for better patient care. Want him to review your tech? Email him!



Night Shift Money TipsΒ 

For night shift nurses like Laura, managing money with irregular hours is a unique challenge.Β 

Here’s how she keeps her finances healthy:

  • Flexible Budgeting: Laura adapts her budget for fluctuating hours and income, smoothing out the financial ups and downs of night shift work.

  • Strategic Downtime Planning: She uses quiet moments during her shift for financial planning and tracking, aligning her money management routines with her unconventional schedule.

  • Smart Saving Tactics: Laura leverages high-yield savings accounts and automatic investment plans, letting her earnings grow even while she sleeps.

  • Night Shift Benefits: Aware of the extra pay for night hours, she integrates these pay differentials into her financial strategy, maximizing her income potential.Β 

  • Prioritizing Health: Recognizing the toll of night shifts, Laura budgets for self-care, ensuring her physical well-being supports her financial stability.

Laura’s approach shows that with smart planning and resourcefulness, night shift nurses can master their financial game successfully.

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April Waddell, founder of NurseMoneyDateβ„’, specializes in financial coaching for nurses. Elevate your earnings and savings, and assess your financial pulse with her free net worth quiz.


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