Deaths due to viral hepatitis in 2022.
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FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 2024


Happy FriYAY Readers!

I had to laugh when I read about a rejected proposal to give first responders, including nurses, a free toll into New York City. When I worked bedside in San Francisco, most public service agents did not live in the actual city and had to commute in.Β 

Why, you ask? Because it was too expensive for the people who worked for the city to live in the actual city itself. If we don’t work on retention measures for clinicians, including offering commuting and parking benefits, why wouldn’t we just go make $180,000/year as an In-N-Out manager 😉?Β 

We MUST focus on retention.

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✍️Screening for Palliative Care  
💰Temple RaisesΒ 

🧖‍♀️Expand Your Medspa BusinessΒ Β 

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Tamara AL-Yassin

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Screening for Palliative Care

A new study found that a new screening tool can help critically ill patients get the care they need faster by identifying who would benefit most from talking with a palliative care specialist. Designed to be completed by nurses within 24 hours of admission, the tool considers 12 comorbidities, seven contributing factors, recent ICU admissions, and recent hospital readmissions in electronic health records. It could lead to earlier discussions about a patient's goals and wishes, potentially improving care.

Undisclosed Conflict of Interest

An FDA panel reviewing Abbott’s cardiac deviceβ€”the TriClip G4 System, designed to treat tricuspid valve leakageβ€”has come under fire after a KFF investigation found that 10 out of 14 panel members had financial ties to the company. While this information was readily available in a government database called β€œOpen Payments,” the FDA did not disclose it when it approved the device. From 2016–20022, the panelists received around $650,000, nearly a third of which went to a single advisor.

Temple Raises

Nurses at Temple University Hospital–Jeanes Campus in Philadelphia have approved a new 3-year contract. Covering 375 registered nurses, the agreement includes a 3% pay raise a year for all nurses, ratification bonuses ($1,250 for full-time nurses and $625 for part-time nurses), a committee to address staffing issues, and up to a week of paid leave for victims of workplace violence. The agreement comes about a month after the nurses, represented by Jeanes Nurses United, voted to authorize a strike.


1.3 Million

In its 2024 Global Hepatitis Report, the WHO sounded the alarm on the increasing number of deaths due to viral hepatitis, which globally killed 1.3 million people in 2022. Covid is currently the top infectious killer in the world β€” can you name the disease that viral hepatitis ties with for second place?



How to Create Your Personalized Financial Plan

As a nurse, you know that each patient requires a personalized treatment plan. But have you ever considered applying the same principle to your finances? Prioritize creating a personalized plan!

  • First, you need to understand the benefits of financial planning and know that generic advice only goes so far. As with medical advice, financial advice needs to address your unique situation.Β 

  • Similar to how doctors diagnose and treat medical conditions, financial planners assess your current situation and prescribe targeted treatment plans.Β 

  • When you receive specific advice that applies to you, you are better able to align your goals with your actions and build true wealth.Β 

Just as you advocate for your patients, it's time to advocate for your financial well-being! The TNB community gets a free personalized plan here. Use this plan, meet with a certified financial planner, and feel financially confident with your money moves!

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Savannah Arroyo, MSN, RN is the founder of Networth Nurse and InvestHealth. Connect with her here.

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