A life and death situation turns into a nightmare in San Francisco.
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Hey-O Nursing Beat Friends!

It’s time for Trivia Tuesday! Today’s question is taking us back to nursing school (without all the sleepless nights and stress over the NCLEX.) 

🧠 Which part of the brain is the regulator for the body’s physiologic stability? Think you know the answer? Check it here!

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🖤 A Matter of Life and Death  

🐟 Sturgeon AI

🤑 Triple Tax Savings 

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A Matter of Life and Death

Gary Hobish was dancing at Golden Gate Park’s, Lindy in the Park, when he suddenly collapsed. Bystanders called 911 and began CPR while Hobish’s friend, Tim O’Brien, ran to the nearby de Young Museum and asked for their AED. But the museum said no—the device couldn’t be removed from the building. Paramedics couldn’t save Hobish, but O’Brien thinks the 10 minutes he spent discussing the defibrillator could have made a difference. The museum has promised changes to its policy.

Stoma Stymie

Gayle Redmon, a disabled doctor from Wales, had to withdraw from the New York City Marathon because the race organizers wouldn’t allow the hydration vest she wears that contains her stoma supplies. Redmon’s stoma requires self-catheterization six times a day, and she must hydrate continuously. But NYC’s race security began prohibiting hydration vests and backpacks after the Boston Marathon bombing. Redmon said their suggested alternatives wouldn’t accommodate her stoma supplies and feels discriminated against.



The increased risk percentage of suicide among registered nurses. If you’re having thoughts of harming yourself, call or text 988. 


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Flourish in your Career

Nurses passionately seek flexibility because it enables us to harmonize our professional and personal lives. In the demanding realm of healthcare, having control over our schedules grants us the autonomy to be present for our families, pursue further education, and indulge in personal interests while sustaining a rewarding career.

Wondering how to achieve this?

Insert connectRN, the flexible way to work. Getting started is simple! Just fill out the application, onboard with our community, and quickly find flexible work opportunities that work for you, your family, and your life.

Together, we can provide the highest level of care imaginable and shape the future of healthcare.


How do you Slumber?

TNB has teamed up with Thorne to improve your sleep health. Answer our survey for a chance to win a Sleep Bundle ($103 value!). Survey closes 11/13. 



Sturgeon AI 

As nurses, we're always seeking new technologies that can improve patient care. An exciting development, Sturgeon, is an artificial intelligence system that can analyze a small tumor sample during brain surgery and accurately classify the type of tumor based on molecular patterns. This rapid diagnosis can help guide the surgeon in determining how extensive the operation needs to be.

Rather than waiting for pathology results, Sturgeon can provide key information in minutes right in the OR. This could reduce the need for second surgeries and improve patient outcomes. Scientists in the Netherlands developed the technology, which is currently being tested in hospitals there.

While AI may sound futuristic, Sturgeon shows its potential to enhance medical care. As nurses, we understand the value of quicker test results and tailored treatments. This technology gives surgeons molecular data to complement our assessment and experience. By collaborating with AI, we can continue to find innovative ways to provide the best possible care for patients.

I look forward to seeing how Sturgeon and similar AI tools could positively impact patient care in the future.

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Nurse Manny is passionate about leveraging health tech for better patient care. Want him to review your tech? Email him!



Triple Tax Savings

Navigating through improving her financial health, Nurse Gloria uncovered a secret unknown to many nurses: the Health Savings Account (HSA) isn’t just a savings vault; it’s an investment powerhouse with a triple tax benefit.

  1. Deductible Contributions: Gloria’s deposits into the HSA are tax-deductible, effectively reducing her taxable income and offering immediate tax savings.

  2. Tax-Free Growth: Gloria nurtures her savings without the drag of tax on any growth, whether through interest, dividends, or capital gains, amplifying her wealth.

  3. Tax-Exempt Withdrawals: Utilizing the HSA for qualified medical expenses, Gloria enjoys making tax-free withdrawals, ensuring additional tax costs do not burden her health-related costs.

However, there’s a catch- to get access to this potent financial tool, eligibility for an HSA demands enrollment in a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). Harnessing the power of an HSA, Nurse Gloria ensures her future is healthy and financially stable.

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April Waddell, founder of NurseMoneyDate™, specializes in financial coaching for nurses. Elevate your earnings and savings, and assess your financial pulse with her free net worth quiz.


Under Pressure

Compression socks can be a game changer when you’re on your feet for 12+ hours each shift. Get yourself this beautiful, nurse-designed pair and thank us later!


Leo’s Weapon

Leonardo DiCaprio recently starred in Killers of the Flower Moon, a film based on a true Osage Nation story. Did you know the discovery of  insulin was pivotal in these events? Find out how by watching in theaters, or click here for spoilers!


Don’t forget that today is Election Day! Go out and rock your vote to make your voice heard! 

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