How one nurse is battling stigma and following her dreams.
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Good Morning, Readers!

One of today’s top beats features a Deaf nurse who didn’t let her disability stop her from going after her dreams! I know it’s rough out there right now, but inspiring stories like this always give me hope for the profession. Have you ever worked with a nurse who persevered despite personal obstacles? Tell me about them here.

Today's Top Beats

🩺 Overcoming Obstacles
🐦 Bird Flu

🩸 Period Health

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Overcoming Obstacles 

We told you last October about ICU nurse Mikaela Thepvongsa, a Deaf woman who uses her TikTok account to counter stigma and misconceptions about Deaf and hearing-impaired people. Now you can learn about Mikaela’s childhood in a feature from People: from how she became Deaf, to what inspired her to pursue nursing, to the barriers she overcame to graduate with her nursing degree—and what she hopes for the future.

A Response for the Birds?

It’s been three months since the bird flu outbreak in dairy cattle began in the U.S.—yet officials still cannot adequately describe the scale of the outbreak. And that’s just one of many problems with the inadequate response, according to STAT. Without solid testing infrastructure in place or a “full understanding of how the virus is moving within herds and to new herds,” it’s unclear how the U.S. expects to control the outbreak, the writers explain. 

Time for Period Health

According to The 19th, teens say that schools teach them more about frogs’ bodies than they do about their own bodies. But California’s legislature wants to take at least one step to begin changing that with Assembly Bill 2229, which would require menstrual health to be added to the state’s health curriculum. It’s an addition that 78% of teens think should already be part of a school’s curriculum, according to Thinx Inc.’s “State of the Period 2023” report.


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Feeling Burned Out? We Have the Answer.

Nursing burnout is no joke. Whether you are deep in the trenches of burnout or just starting to get a taste, it is time to make a change with connectRN. 

How does connectRN help with my burnout?

connectRN’s goal is to give you back the freedom in your nursing career and personal life by valuing what matters most…you. Their app will link you with over one million shifts in almost 400 hospitals nationwide.  Say goodbye to unit drama and hello to weekends and holidays with your family. Work on your terms, where you want, when you want.

What’s the catch?

No catch. Sign up and start browsing for shifts that suit you. And if you think connectRN is perfect for a friend, refer them and pocket $100.

Is the FOMO kicking in? Here are the other great perks you’ll score:

  • Same-day pay

  • No minimum shift requirement

  • W2 employee protection, 401K & medical benefits

We know change can be scary, but connectRN is your no-strings-attached nursing bestie. You have nothing to lose. Give it a try today.



The percent increase in frequent mental distress reported by transgender adults between 2014 and 2022, according to a JAMA Internal Medicine study. Check out the study to see the increased rates of poor or fair health reported by trans adults. 


What Does Innovation Mean to You?

The Nursing Beat wants to hear your thoughts on nurse-led innovation at your facility. Take the survey for a chance to win one of three $100 American Express gift cards.



Ease Your Debt Burden

Meet Lisa, a night shift NICU nurse from Chicago who has felt the emotional toll of juggling demanding hospital shifts with the stress of significant student loans. If you can relate, here’s what Lisa is doing about it:

  • Seeking Solutions: Lisa is exploring refinancing options with lower interest rates. Learn how she finds these options here

  • Personal Insights: Gain access to the checklist Lisa uses to compare refinancing offers. View the checklist here

  • Navigating Potential Pitfalls: While refinancing can offer substantial benefits, it’s important to recognize that it isn’t the right solution for everyone. Dive into the drawbacks here, such as the possibility of forfeiting federal loan benefits, including income-driven repayment plans and loan forgiveness opportunities. 

Are you ready to see if refinancing could lighten your financial load? Join Nurse Lisa on her financial journey to unlock the secrets to managing your student loans more effectively.

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April Waddell, founder of NurseMoneyDate™, specializes in financial coaching for nurses. Elevate your earnings and savings, and assess your financial pulse with her free net worth quiz.

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A Wise Woman Once Said…

Remind yourself of the importance of life-long learning with this plaque, engraved with a Florence Nightingale quote.


Can You Hear Me?

Have you ever wondered if your comatose patients can hear you talking to them? Click here for the answer. If you need a laugh, watch if Nurse Blake were a comatose patient’s nurse!


Thousands of Portland nurses have announced their plans to strike. If it happens, it will be the largest nursing strike in Oregon history. What do you think? Share your thoughts on TNB’s Instagram!


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