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MONDAY, JUNE 3, 2024

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Good Morning, Nurses!

It’s a special day at TNB…Kelly’s back! If you didn’t already know, Kelly McClure (our very first editor) used to fill these intros with fascinating medical trivia, and we’ve been missing it. 

We’re bringing back the fan-favorite Mystery Diagnosis Mondays and adding a new trivia column, "Test Your Knowledge with Nurse Kel." Welcome back, Kelly! See if you can guess today’s mystery diagnosis, and tell us your random medical knowledge here.

Today's Top Beats

🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+ Love
🤓 Medical Trivia Below!

💤 Nurse Exhaustion

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Stay Spectacular!

Abby McCoy

Interim Managing Editor


Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community

This Pride Month, let’s focus on providing compassionate healthcare to the LGBTQ+ community. Start by working to understand key terms like sexual orientation and gender identity—including the differences between the two and the concept of intersectional identities—and recognize the barriers LGBTQ+ patients often face, such as discrimination and lack of access to competent care. Be inclusive in your communication by making sure to ask for preferred pronouns and support contacts and avoid making assumptions. Check out some more tips here.

Nurse Honored Then Fired

A nurse honored for her compassion was then fired for expressing that compassion too vocally, it seems. Hesen Jabr, a Palestinian American labor and delivery nurse, received an award by NYU Langone Health for providing compassionate care to mothers who lost their babies. During her acceptance speech, she linked her work to the suffering of mothers in Gaza, calling the situation a “genocide.” As with other medical workers who have commented on the war, Langone subsequently fired Jabr. Do you agree with this decision? We’d love to know what you think.

The Price of Exhaustion

In a prime example that exemplifies the dangers of overworking nurses, an exhausted on-call nurse at Boston’s Faulkner Hospital accidentally drove her vehicle off the top floor of the parking garage. The nurse slept in her car instead of driving home tired after a long shift—she woke up in the middle of the night to move her vehicle away from overhead lights when she accidentally hit the gas instead of the brakes. She was in a “stable but severe” condition for several days.



The number of Enterprise Staffing Services nurses at Cleveland’s University Hospitals who are receiving an 8%–13% pay cut as the system moves away from its Covid-19 pandemic model. Click here to see how much they will be paid and how that pay compares with Ohio’s nurse pay average



What’s Your Answer?

It’s time for the inaugural round of the Mystery Diagnosis Minute! (I told you I’d be back!) 

🤔 This disease occurs during the embryonic stage of fetal development affecting the cerebellum and fourth ventricle of the brain. (Think back to your med surg classes: the cerebellum is the place where movement, cognition, and behavior are coordinated.)

🤔 Symptoms usually include developmental delays, ataxia, increased intracranial pressure from hydrocephalus, and either hypotonia or spasticity. 

🤔 In some cases, a patient’s respiratory control is affected, leading to respiratory failure, however, this usually only occurs with patients who have extreme hydrocephalus. 

Think you know the answer? Click here to see if you’re right!

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Kelly McClure, MLS, BSN, RN, is a nursing school instructor for LPNs and RNs at Ehove Career Center in northeast Ohio. She is also TNB’s resident trivia guru.

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