Happy Father’s Day to all our dad readers!
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MONDAY, JUNE 17, 2024


Good Morning Nurses!

Happy (belated) Father’s Day to you all! Whether you celebrated your dad, yourself, or a father-figure in your life, I hope everyone had plenty to eat and a ton of fun. (Or rest, depending how old your kids are…) Have a fantastic Monday!

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🚪 Door-to-Door RNs
🔎 Mystery Diagnosis Minute
🎉 Pride Month Celebrations

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Stay Spectacular!

Abby McCoy

Interim Managing Editor


Nursing Program Enrollment Trends

The AACN's April survey shows steady enrollment in entry-level RN programs but declining numbers in RN-to-BSN, master's, and PhD programs. The drop in RN-to-BSN enrollments follows a post-2010 surge and a shift to initial baccalaureate degrees, credited to The Future of Nursing report. DNP programs continue to grow, favored for advanced practice roles over PhDs, which focus on research. Despite high demand, nearly 66,000 qualified nursing school applications were turned away in 2023 due to faculty shortages. Efforts to address this include increased funding and centralized application services like NursingCAS.

Mifepristone Access Preserved

The Supreme Court upheld full access to mifepristone, ruling unanimously that the challengers lacked standing to sue. Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote that federal courts are not the right forum for the plaintiffs' concerns about FDA actions. This decision maintains current prescription practices, including telehealth and mail delivery in states that allow them. The Supreme Court will also decide on another case concerning emergency care and state abortion bans.

Door-to-Door RN Care

Nurses are literally on the move to improve access to care. The Neighborhood Nursing program in East Baltimore provides preventive care within communities by offering free health checks in locations such as apartment lobbies. This initiative, inspired by a Costa Rican model, aims to make primary care accessible to everyone, regardless of insurance status, particularly in disadvantaged neighborhoods. Led by Sarah Szanton from Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, the program is building community trust and improving health outcomes through direct, community-based interventions.


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Your PRN Perks Are Here

Do any of these situations sound familiar?Β 

  • You want to go back to school, but you can’t afford to not work and go to school.

  • You’re missing your best friend’s wedding because you 're scheduled on your requested day off and couldn’t find a trade.

  • You don’t feel supported by your organization to grow.Β 

Enter connectRN, your ultimate solution to nurse-life conundrums. Picture connectRN as your trusty nursing sidekick, here to reignite your passion for nursing.

How does it work?

connectRN is your gateway to more than one million PRN shifts tailored to you and your specialty. With their shift match algorithm, they will pair you with PRN shifts based on your preferences. Work around your school schedule, attend events guilt-free, and feel the support of a caring organization. As a connectRN nurse, you call the shots.

Tell me more.Β 

connectRN offers no mandatory shift minimum, no weekends, no holidays, same-day pay, W2 employee protection, 401K & medical benefits, partnership perks, incentive pay shifts, and so much more.Β 

Make those nursing dilemmas a thing of the past and join connectRN today.



The percent of Americans who were practicing yoga in 2022. Click here to learn the reasons behind people’s practice and how yoga use varies across age groups, races/ethnicities, and more.



Pain-Causing Culprit?

Welcome back for another round of the Mystery Diagnosis Minute! Just researching this one made my back and knees sore.Β 

🤔 This disease occurs when a specific kind of joint inflammation occurs as a reaction to an infection somewhere in a patient’s body other than the joints affected.Β 

🤔 The most commonly affected areas include the joints of the lower limbs, and sacroiliac joints. Strangely enough, other symptoms include urinary tract inflammation and conjunctivitis.Β 

🤔 Symptoms of this disease can cause pain that lasts between three months to a year and can be transient in nature. In upwards of 50% of patients, these symptoms become a chronic problem.Β 

Think you know the answer? Click here to see if you’re right!

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Kelly McClure, MLS, BSN, RN, is a nursing school instructor for LPNs and RNs at Ehove Career Center in northeast Ohio. She is also TNB’s resident trivia guru.

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Nurse Reimbursement: The Missing Piece to Nursing’s Future

The outdated system for nurse reimbursement hasn’t changed since the 1930s, but a new model can empower nurses and transform healthcare.


MediaRX Academy

Starts June 19 | Virtual

Join Nurse Alice's MediaRX Academy and master the art of media as a healthcare professional in just 10 weeks. Elevate your career, expand your reach, and make a lasting impactβ€”sign up now!Β 


Stethoscope Storage

This stethoscope case from nurse-owned company RekMed comes in three different colors and is a great way to store and protect your stethoscope from damage.


Pride Month Celebrations

We are celebrating the LGBTQ+ community by promoting inclusivity, awareness, and equitable healthcare. Click here for ways to celebrate Pride Month at work! If you need a laugh, check out how Nurse Blake would give you your nurse drag name!


One more huge welcome to our new columnist Tesiah Coleman! Check out her deets here.


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