The amount UnitedHealth Group has advanced in payments to healthcare providers.
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FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 2024


Happy FriYAY Readers,

The buzz in healthcare right now is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on the future of nursing. Recognizing the significance of this dialogue, TNB has teamed up with the American Nurses Foundation to amplify its AI survey.Β 

They aim to capture your insights and perspectives on the intersection of AI and nursing. Your valuable input will shape the discourse on this evolving landscape. Kindly share your thoughts and visions by submitting your responses here.

Today's Top Beats

💨 Big News in Chi-Town
✴️ Thank You NIOSH

💵 Automating FinancesΒ 

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Stay safe. Stay healthy. Be kind.
Tamara AL-Yassin

Chief Executive Officer

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Big News in Chi-Town

Following a strike authorization vote last month, the National Nurses Organizing Committee, an affiliate of National Nurses United, approved a four-year labor contract with UChicago Medicine, covering 2,800 nurses. Highlights of the deal include workload relief measures, wage increases of up to 40%, commitments to training and pay for specialized nursing roles, a hiatus on changes to retirement benefits, and a new process to address staffing concerns.

Thank You NIOSH

The CDC National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has launched a new Impact Wellbeing Guide as part of its campaign to address healthcare worker burnout. The guide provides actionable steps for hospital leaders to enhance their employees' mental health and wellbeing, including conducting operational reviews, building dedicated support teams, and integrating wellbeing measures into quality improvement projects. NIOSH will host a webinar series to assist hospital leaders in effectively implementing the guide.

Where’d the Meds Go?

Rachel Martinez, a contract nurse working at Spencer Hospital in Iowa in 2022, has pleaded not guilty to several felony and misdemeanor charges. This includes two felony charges for obtaining prescription drugs through deceit (she allegedly took tramadol and hydrocodone for her own use) and four misdemeanor counts of wanton neglect of dependent adults, whom she allegedly overdosed on various drugs. The hospital terminated her assignment and reported the issues to authorities, prompting an investigation.


$2 Billion

The amount UnitedHealth Group has advanced in payments to healthcare providers that were financially affected by a cybersecurity attack on its technology unit, Change Healthcare.


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Explore the Role of AI in Nursing: Share Your Perspective!

As healthcare evolves, Artificial Intelligence (AI) could dramatically change nursing. Whether you're actively using AI or your facility is on the cusp of integration, the American Nurses Foundation wants to understand your views on AI's potential in nursing. Do you see AI as a tool
for enhancement or a challenge to patient care?

Your insights are critical, even if you haven't directly used AI. The survey results will play a crucial role in shaping the support and resources for nurses navigating the digital healthcare landscape.

Take the survey here.



Automating Your Financial Infusion

Completing the three resources below will put you ahead of 99% of individuals and set you on a path to financial health and empowerment! As nurses, we often overlook the toll our job takes on our mental and emotional well-being. Money is the last thing on my mind after a long shift. However, I still maintain my financial goals by heavily relying on automation.Β 

To me, automating my finances is like using an infusion pump! It directs my money automatically to where I want it to go, freeing up my mental and emotional energy. This process gives me peace of mind, knowing that my finances are effectively managed, even after an exceptionally long shift.Β 

Like your fluids and gtts, you will need to titrate along the way. That’s where a digital plan or coaching comes in handy to keep your financial plan of care intact.

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Savannah Arroyo, MSN, RN is the founder of Networth Nurse and InvestHealth. Connect with her here.

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Do you miss eating the all-time favorite Hamburger Helper, but decide against it because it can be unhealthy? Check out this healthy hamburger helper recipe at home that will bring back all the nostalgic feels.

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Melissa Cardine RN, MSN, BCPA and Jennifer Whalen DHSc, PA-C, BCPA of Bridge Health Advocates created the Keystone Advocacy Training Program to empower nurses to leverage their education and expertise to launch their own patient advocacy practice.


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