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TUESDAY, MAY 7, 2024


Good Morning, Nurses!Β 

You don’t want to miss our Nurses Week giveaway this year. We are refueling your pockets, stomach, and glow with prizes from our favorite brands, CeraVe, connectRN, and Subway. 100 lucky nurses will win. Enter below👇!Β 

Today's Top Beats

🎉Nurses Week giveaway
🧑β€βš–οΈNurse wins election

🤖AI Discharge Instructions

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Nurses Week Giveaway

TNB is celebratingΒ YOU this Nurses Week. Enter to win a CeraVe skincare gift box, a Subway gift card, or $100 in AmEx cash from connectRN here. Because You deserve it.


Another Nurse in Government

When longtime Texas state senator John Whitmire resigned to become mayor of Houston last year, it left a vacancy that hadn’t been available for four decades. Six Democrats vied for the seat in the March primary, resulting in a race between sitting state representative Jarvis Johnson and emergency room nurse Molly Cook in her second Texas Senate campaign. On Saturday, Cook declared victory for the seat, becoming the third RN in the Texas legislature.Β 

A Primate’s Prescription

The more we study animals, the more we discover the complexity of their world and just how much they may have in common with us. The latest study to spark this wonder reported on a Sumatran orangutan that used medicinal leaves from the Akar Kuning vine to heal his face woundβ€”and it worked. The observation marks the first time scientists have found an animal using medicine to treat an injury.

A Day in the Life

Ahead of Nurses Week, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reminded its readers last week just how important the job of pediatric emergency room nurses is. A feature about Children’s Minnesota RN Joe Schwartz, also the son of a pediatric ER nurse, reveals the β€œjack-of-all-trades nature of the job” as the hospital aims to recruit 176 more nurses by fall. β€œThey have to be really experts in all areas because they see everything,” the clinical director told the paper.


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Making Your Life Easier

Is that the smell of another giveaway? Or is it freshly baked bread? Actually, it’s both! TNB has partnered up with Subway to spread some love this Nurses Week. We know you're out there, making a difference with every beat. But let's face it, it's tough to keep making waves on an empty stomach!Β 

That's where Subway steps up as a proud supporter of our nursing community. They're here to simplify meal prep, ensuring you're fueled up to keep changing lives, and also fuel your next staff meeting or party with Subway Catering. Subway knows the hard work you put in every single day. So why not make your life a bit easier? With convenient and delicious meals, Subway is the ultimate destination to fuel your body.



AI Discharge Instructions?

In January 2023, I highlighted's potential to revolutionize nursing with patient education via video instructions. Synthesia's latest update takes this vision further by introducing "Expressive Avatars." These new avatars offer more lifelike expressions and improved lip tracking, aiming to deliver even more personalized and engaging video content for patients. This leap in technology could enhance patient understanding and compliance, potentially reducing hospital readmissions by making discharge instructions clearer and more relatable.

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Nurse Manny is passionate about leveraging health tech for better patient care. Want him to review your tech? Email him!

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Crafty Creations

Feeling crafty? Check out this pretty wooden flower bouquet building kit. When you're done, give it away to someone you love (or keep it for yourself!).


One Hilarious Grandma

You may have seen famous influencer, Grandma Droniak circulating your social media with her hilarious anecdotes and sense of humor. She recently was admitted to the hospital for an emergency surgery! Watch her tell her story here.


Happy Nurses Week! TNB is celebrating our community this week with a giveaway brought to you by CeraVe, connectRN, and Subway. Enter here. You don't want to miss this.



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