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Good Evening, Readers!

Welcome to the first-ever TNB Nightshift Edition newsletter, dedicated to all the night owls just starting their shifts!

At TNB, we know the toll working nights plays on you (we’ve all been there), and we wanted to send you a little extra love. That’s why we’re running a sleep bundle giveaway with our friends at Thorne (valued at $100!) Just answer a few questions about your sleep patterns as a nurse here! The winners will be announced on 11/14!Β 

Today's Top Beats

😴 Thorne Sleep Bundle Giveaway

💤 Good Sleep Hygiene

😆 Night Shift Memes

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Stay safe. Stay healthy. Be kind.
Tamara AL-Yassin

Chief Executive Officer

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Sleep Better Today

If you’re a night shift worker finding it difficult to get through your shift, these night shift pros have some sound advice. Tips include setting aside 7–8 hours during the day to sleep, re-adjusting your circadian rhythm with light therapy, drinking coffee in the evening (but stopping before midnight), wearing a pair of really dark sunglasses when you’re getting off shift, keeping regular meal times, creating the ideal sleep environment, and more.

Who Doesn’t Love a Care Package?

Daylight savings time can disrupt healthy sleep more than jet lag and lead to multiple negative health consequences. For night shift nurses, the time change has an added effect: one more hour of work. So to help nurses get through the shifts with that extra hour (clocks were turned back an hour at 2 a.m. yesterday), West Virginia Northern Community College and Western Governors University gave nurses around the Northern Panhandle care packages. These goodie boxes contained pens, snacks, bandage scissors, a flashlight, and β€œother necessities.”

Why You Need Good Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene β€” your sleep environment and behavior β€” is a critical component of getting consistent, uninterrupted sleep. Poor sleep hygiene can put you on the train for insomnia, but you can correct course by maintaining healthy sleep habits and a pleasant bedroom environment. Create a sleep schedule and stick to it β€” wake up at the same time every day, keep naps short, and try not to trade sleep for other activities. You should also consistently follow a pre-bed routine to reinforce in your mind that it’s bedtime. While awake, engage in healthy habitats like being physically active and reducing alcohol consumption.


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Fueling Your Best You

As nurses, you know the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how it has the potential to significantly enhance your wellbeing, while simultaneously increasing your happiness and vitality.Β 

But how do you accomplish maximum wellness between your long shifts? Enter Thorne.

Thorne is dedicated to the concept that you can create a happier and healthier life, and they want to empower you to not only live longer, but to live better, feeling your best, no matter if you’re night shift or day shift.

Thorne provides you with personalized, scientifically tested, and tailored solutions to your wellbeing. With an extensive array of personalized offerings, educational resources, and health products geared towards specific goals and needs, Thorne stands ready to support nurses throughout their entire personal and professional journeys.

Thorne is committed to redefining the very essence of what it means to lead a healthier and longer life. Get started today.



The percentage of night shift nurses who said they were unengaged at work. In comparison, 12.8% of day shift nurses said they were unengaged.


How do you Slumber?

TNB has teamed up with Thorne to improve your sleep health. Answer our survey for a chance to win a Sleep Bundle ($103 value!). Survey closes 11/13.Β 



Remote Night Shift?

Telephonic triage nursesΒ are in demand. Triage nurses are needed 24 hours a day, but they are often in the highest demand for the hours when standard healthcare resources are closed for the day.Β 

Depending on the employer, a triage nurse may receive inbound calls from a queue, or they may receive information from an operator and then follow up by making outbound calls to patients.Β 

There are many ways to work as aΒ remote triage nurse, from occupational health to OB to urgent care. Possible employers include:

  • Individual providers or provider groups
  • Hospital systems
  • Insurance companies
  • Employer-provided health services

If you are interested in Telephonic Triage, check outΒ this open role featuredΒ on our Monday job page with Included Health. Not only is it the night shift, but it's also part-time!

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Ready for remote nursing? Check our daily remote nurse job postings for nurses leaving the bedside on Nurse Fern.


Just One More Cup

Night shift has its pros and cons, ups and downs. Get yourself through it with this special blend of nurse-created medium roast coffee that will keep you java-ing all night long!


Laugh Through the Shift

How many times have you seen a meme and said to yourself, β€œYep, relatable”? Here’s a list of night shift memes that will surely give you a laugh with the relatable content!

SleepCasts from Nurse Kel

📖 The Sleepy Bookshelf

😴 Bore Me to Sleep

📜 Calm History


We’ll see you tomorrow with Nurse Manny’s update about what’s happening in the healthcare tech world!

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