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Good Morning, Readers!

As nurses, we are there for our communities, offering comfort, expertise, and unwavering support. We work long hours (whether you're at the bedside or not), and consistently go above and beyond of our patients.

This week, we are celebrating YOU with a special giveaway featuring over $7,000 in prizes! Indulge in some self-care with CeraVe, treat yourself to the bonus you deserve from connectRN, and keep your energy levels up with Subway. Enter here. And thank you for all that you do! Happy Nurses Week!

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💰 Mid-Flight Delivery
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Nurses Week Giveaway

TNB is celebratingΒ YOU this Nurses Week. Enter to win a CeraVe skincare gift box, a Subway gift card, or $100 in AmEx cash from connectRN here. Because You deserve it.


Mid-Flight Delivery

While on their way to holiday in Thailand, two registered nurses, Eunice Publow from Ottawa Hospital and Lindsey Kilgore from Kingston Health Centre, helped a physician training in obstetrics to deliver a baby aboard a flight to Dubai. The unexpected situation required them to improvise, using airplane supplies like oxygen masks and blankets to care for the newborn.Β  Despite the stress, the experience highlighted the nurses' dedication to helping others–even outside their usual work environment–and the power of teamwork in surprising situations.

Nurses Getting Noticed

From walking miles during shifts to consistently ranking as the most honest and ethical profession, nurses really do β€œmake the difference,” and hospital executives are acknowledging just how valuable you all are. β€œYour kindness, empathy, and expertise make a world of difference,” said Stacey-Ann Okoth, PhD, DNP, RN, from Jefferson Health System. β€œYou make a real difference in people's lives every day, and that does not go unnoticed,” added Jennifer Higgins, DNP, RN, from Lee Health. For more, check out Becker’s touching collection of appreciation messages for nurses from hospital and health system leaders across the US.Β Β 

Highest-Paying Travel Destinations

There are many appealing benefits to travel nursing, with pay near the top of the list. If you’re looking for the state where you can make the most as a travel nurse, California, Alaska, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Delaware are your best bets, while South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi are your worst. Of course, absolute earnings are tempered by cost of living. While you can live comfortably on a salary of $61K yearly in Memphis, a similar lifestyle will cost you more than $250K in certain Californian cities.Β 


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Build a Schedule that Fits Your Life

connectRN has created the only app that offers nursing shifts in hospital, home health, and senior living. With more than a million shifts to choose from in almost 400 hospitals nationwide - with premium pay and no minimum commitment - joining connectRN is the easiest path to the flexible work life that you need.

Sign up today to submit your credentials and get started on your path to flexible earnings. All connectRN nurses benefit from same day pay, W2 employee protections, and the choice of when and where they work with no minimum or weekend commitment required.

Ready to take control of your schedule and prioritize your family ahead of your job? connectRN empowers you to have the flexible life that you deserve.

Have a friend who this sounds perfect for? Submit a referral here and we’ll send you both a $100 gift card after she works her first shift!



Nurse anesthetists hold the highest-paid nursing jobs in hospitals, making nearly $213K a year, followed by physician associates at about $130K a year. Click here to learn where your hospital nursing job falls on the list.



Mental Health: Complimentary Debriefing Sessions for NursesΒ 

In honor of Mental Health Month and Nurses Week, Debriefing the Front Lines is proud to offer COMPLIMENTARY DEBRIEFING SESSIONS to nurses of all roles and specialties now through the end of May!Β 

From here, receive 10% off all support session packages, including Ego Death, Timeline Therapy, and EFT!Β 

Scholarships are available for those not working or facing financial hardship.

This is for the nurse whoΒ 

  • Feels as if alone is no longer enough

  • Is seeking affirmation to continue in the profession or the courage to leaveΒ 

  • Wants to examine the intersection of nursing and their own traumaΒ 

  • Has been isolating, abandoning, and feeling disconnected from themselves (and the world around them)Β 

  • Lives in sympathetic activation and is unable to restΒ 

  • Wants to restore a sense of safety in the aftermath of single incident or Cumulative Care Taking Trauma

Book here to experience the power of being heard.

DTFL headshot

Debriefing the Front Lines is a mental health organization, debriefing single incident and cumulative care taking trauma. Learn more here.

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Comfy Travel: Unlocked

If you're making summer vacay plans, check out this compact packable travel neck pillow to make your flight a bit cozier.


Stretching for the Win

Research shows that stretching promotes multiple health benefits, including increased flexibility to prevent injury. Watch this viral clip of easy stretching exercises to feel refreshed before or after your shift!


Happy Nurses Week! TNB is celebrating our community this week with a giveaway brought to you by CeraVe, connectRN, and Subway. Enter here. You don't want to miss this.



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