Seizures, death rattles, and healthcare policy…buckle up!
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TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2024

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Good Morning, Nurses!

A couple different recent surveys have been telling nurses how happy we all are…or at least getting happier. If that describes you, we love it! But if you’re still on the struggle bus in your nursing position, we see you. Is your nursing situation improving, stagnant, or swirling down the proverbial toilet? Let us know here!

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🫣 All About Death

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Abby McCoy

Interim Managing Editor

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RN Retention Returning

Despite past headlines about the dire state of nurse turnover, a new survey suggests that conditions are improving. The 2024 report from the healthcare staffing company AMN Healthcare surveyed 1,155 nurses and found 35% plan to change jobs this year, lower than last year’s 85%. One in five nurses said they are optimistic their work will improve in the coming year, indicating that retention efforts may be working. Do you plan to stick with your job this year? Tell us here.

Defying Death Stigma

It’s hard for people to talk about death, but a California-based hospice nurse is trying to change that. At her TikTok account @hospicenursejulie and on her website, Julie McFadden, RN, also the author of the forthcoming Nothing to Fear, has gone viral in her attempts to fight the stigma of talking about death. By answering questions people are afraid to ask β€” like this video explaining the death rattle β€” McFadden hopes educating people on death will help them decide how to live.

Would You Know It If You Saw It?

Seizures can be a strong indicator of epilepsy, but only if healthcare providers recognize the seizure for what it is. Emergency room doctors only correctly identified first-time non-motor seizures in teens one-third of the time, according to a recent study.Β  With these more subtle seizures, the patient appears to be zoning out or staring into space, so it’s harder to recognize them than seizures with abrupt muscle movement, which doctors correctly identified 81% of the time. Β 



The proportion of nurses who said they loved being a nurse in a recent State of Nursing SurveyΒ State of Nursing survey. Can you guess how much job satisfaction among nurses rose from 2022 to 2023?



Overcoming Investment Fears

Nurse Valene confronts her anxiety about the stock market by implementing these simple strategies:Β 

  • Education: Valene dives into financial literacy, learning about stocks, bonds, and index funds. This foundation makes investing less intimidating while increasing her confidence.

  • Start Small: Valene begins with modest investments, allowing her to experience the market's dynamics without significant risk.

  • Diversify: Valene diversifies her portfolio across various assets to mitigate potential losses. This not only spreads risk but also introduces her to a broader range of investment opportunities.

  • Long-Term Perspective: Valene understands that investing is a marathon, not a sprint. Therefore, she focuses on long-term gains. This mindset helps her remain calm during market downturns, as she recognizes that fluctuations are part of the investment journey.

By implementing these practices, Valene navigates her initial fears. This deliberate approach transforms anxiety into confidence, empowering her to take control of her financial future with resilience and informed decision-making.

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April Waddell, founder of NurseMoneyDateβ„’, specializes in financial coaching for nurses. Elevate your earnings and savings, and assess your financial pulse with her free net worth quiz.

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The Power of Nurses in Health Policy

Despite policy’s daily and direct impact, nurses question why they must be involved in policy-making and political activity.


Personalized Note-Taking

These scrub-printed notebooks can be personalized with your name and role and are perfect for taking notes during huddle, work meetings, etc.


Where Is the Lie?

Do you love trivia game shows as much as we do? If you need a laugh, check out this trivia question: β€œWhat is the greatest lie in Nursing?” Check here for the answers.


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