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FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 2024

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Hey-O Nursing Beat Friends!

Are you ready for Mystery Diagnosis Monday, but on a Friday? This one is another tough one.Β 

🤔 This disease is characterized by painful, fatty growths (lipomas).

🤔 These lipomas are found mainly on the patient’s trunk, upper arms, and upper legs, but they can also be found subcutaneously.Β 

🤔 The pain generated from this disease comes from the lipomas pressing on nerves or inflamed connective tissue.Β 

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Today's Top Beats

🧑β€βš•οΈ Take Care of the Nurses
🌊 It’s in the Water
💸 Negotiation Strategies

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Take Care of the Nurses

Burnout not only affects the mental health of nurses but also contributes to a shortage of healthcare providers β€” a public health crisis preceding and exacerbated by the pandemic. This, in turn, compromises patient care and increases operational costs. Some efforts to address this crisis include leveraging technology such as AI to reduce the administrative burden on nurses. And as you’ve likely experienced, fostering a positive work culture and investing in nursing education are essential for reducing burnout and retaining nurses.

Flexibility is Key

Many nurses don’t see the profession as compatible with mental health, but increased work schedule flexibility could help. A recent Trusted survey of 500 nurses sought to clarify flexibility, finding that self-scheduling practices are the most preferred flexible option, followed by part-time work. Lack of control over when nurses work β€” especially due to rigid scheduling and limited PTO flexibility β€” are key barriers to sustaining a clinical nursing career. Trusted recommends giving nurses more autonomy to self-schedule and options that align with nurses’ needs and preferences.Β 

It’s in the Water

Water fluoridation decreases tooth decay by 25%, but Kentucky Republican representative Mark Hart wants to reverse the state's fluoridation mandate. While proponents emphasize the benefits of fluoridation in reducing tooth decay, critics call for local control and raise safety concerns. At the same time, major health organizations maintain the safety of fluoridation.



The amount more per week that male nurses make compared with female nurses.



Nursing Negotiation Strategies

Is your compensation competitive? Check out this website and see for yourself! Negotiating an increase in income can provide financial stability and improve your work-life balance. Any nurse, at any point in their career, has the opportunity to enhance their earning potential!Β 

To do so:

  • Consider the entire compensation package. If an employer is unwilling to negotiate your salary, they may be open to providing you with additional benefits like PTO.

  • Focus on the value you bring to the team. When you clearly communicate your value and what sets you apart, an employer will likely say yes.

  • Bring data and market research that shows what others in similar roles are making. Put all this above on a clean, neat report to submit with your request.

Ready to boost your earnings? Discover new ways to earn more as a nurse today!

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Savannah Arroyo, MSN, RN is the founder of Networth Nurse and InvestHealth. Connect with her here.

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