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Good Morning, Nurses!

I’m new around here and want to say hey to everyone who opens this email daily. I’m so excited to fill this spot as TNB’s interim editor and honored to have the privilege of sharing all the latest in nursing with you.

I’ve been a nurse for…ahem…almost 18 years 😳. I’ve retired from the bedside, but I love reading, writing, and editing all things nursing. And what a week to start! As you’ve probably heard by now, we’re in the middle of Nurses Week, and the fabulous TNB team has curated some excellent goodies just for you. (Because nurses are seriously the best.)

Enter here for a chance at nabbing some special giveaways (more than $7K in prizes!) including some skin indulgence from CeraVe, a nursing bonus from connectRN, and delicious meals from Subway. Enter your info, and you could be one of many lucky winners!

Thanks for all you do, nurses…we see you ❀️.

Today's Top Beats

🤩 Smooth Skin for the Win
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Stay Spectacular!

Abby McCoy

Interim Managing Editor


Nurses Week Giveaway

TNB is celebratingΒ YOU this Nurses Week. Enter to win a CeraVe skincare gift box, a Subway gift card, or $100 in AmEx cash from connectRN here. Because You deserve it.


Nurses’ Roles Reimagined

The crucial role of nurses goes far beyond providing patient care in today’s increasingly complex and demanding healthcare system. As their essential part in healthcare access, delivery, and outcomes becomes more and more apparent, it’s essential for institutions to reimagine how nurses fit into the larger healthcare ecosystem. A new white paper, led by TNB advisor Fred Neis, MS, RN, explores three focus areas to support this future: Cultural Readiness, Compensation and Benefits, and Resilience and Support.Β 

Nursing as STEM

More money, more attention, more supportβ€”those are just some of the benefits a STEM label brings to a professional field. Yet nursingβ€”for all the science, technology, engineering, and math involvedβ€”is not currently considered a STEM field. Philadelphia RNs Marion Leary and Rebecca Love are on a mission to change that. As co-chairs of the Nursing is STEM Coalition, they’re asking the Department of Homeland Security to designate nursing as a STEM profession. Here’s why.

All in the Family

It’s not uncommon for the children of nurses to follow in their footsteps. Many nursing schools, from UCLA to the University of Central Florida to the University of Rochester, have featured students whose chosen career path is a family affair. But Children’s National Hospital in Washington DC takes this trend to another level, where no fewer than five mother-daughter duos work together!


$5.8 billion

The amount of money in student debt cancellation the Biden administration recently announced for public service workers, including nurses and other healthcare workers. Find out if you’re eligible.


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Self Care: The Rx You Deserve

In a profession that is plagued with burn out, we're often consumed by caring for others, leaving little room to care for ourselves.

But here's the thing: CeraVe gets it. They understand our daily grind, the exhaustion, and the need for a little TLC. That's why CeraVe & TNB are here to remind you to do something small each day that makes you feel good – starting with your skincare routine.

CeraVe knows the vital role nurses play in the medical community and the lasting impact they have on patients' lives. As champions of nursing support, they're committed to being a good thing you can do for yourself. Because taking care of your skin isn't just about looking good – it's about feeling repaired, relaxed, and ready to continue making a difference.

CeraVe wants to fill your script of self care by giving you some sweet Nurses Week swag! Enter CeraVe x TNB’s Nurses Week giveaway here.

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Crash Cart Mug

This funny mug is perfect for the nurse who always seems to be the one running to get the crash cart!


New Medical Drama Alert!

You may have seen your fair share of medical dramas such as Grey’s Anatomy or House, but have you seen a Korean medical drama? Check out Doctor Slump as two talented surgeons navigate love, life, and death on Netflix!


Happy Nurses Week! TNB is celebrating our community this week with a giveaway brought to you by CeraVe, connectRN, and Subway. Enter here. You don't want to miss this.



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